A December To Remember

Hello, and Happy New Year!

This is it; the first post on the new blog. I cannot imagine a more opportune and relevant time for a beginning, than that of the beginning of a new year. I do run the risk of sitting here for hours, though, thinking about how I might phrase and word all the tremendous and pivotal events that took place in the last month. There’s no time for that, however, so I will remove my fastidious writer’s mind and replace it with something more efficient. This will not be the place to receive your poetic fill. I have another blog for that, which leads me to the first item for discussion. ūüôā

Many of you who follow i wryte prettie are likely wondering why I need a new blog when I have a perfectly lovely one — created ala, Michael Olsen — at my disposal. There’s a few reasons, actually, but to be brief I will say that i wryte ¬†prettie was always intended to be a writing blog, wherein all posts related directly to current WIP’s (Work in Progress) updates of AFK (Awakening Foster Kelly) and¬†commiserations/rants about the toils of being a writer. For what I seek to do with this blog, that¬†particular¬†venue no longer¬†accommodates the content. With This Little Light I plan to post more frequently and generically, about anything and everything, also including a tutorial or two when I have time.

This leads me to the second mentionable (Yes, I completely made that up. I do this a lot; prepare yourselves.) event: the launching of Crafting Water! Rather than be redundant or re-post here, I invite you to glance over to the far left where you should see a little icon in the shape of a water droplet — again, designed by the oh so talented, Hubster — and read about the¬†incipience¬†of this hopefully-to-be successful ministry. I am very excited and trust that God has a plan, and whether great or small, will have His glory. On that page is a link to my store, should you be interested in checking it out. There is also a link at the very top which will take you to Living Water International, the impetus behind Crafting Water and This Little Light.

*** I’ll have you know, I’ve broken out in a sweat trying to keep this post concise and direct. The writer in me is writhing in her chains, thrashing her enraged body against a thorn laden wall and screaming about the¬†indignity¬†of having to¬†succumb¬†to — Er, sorry . . . I couldn’t resist.

Back to the essentials.

December was filled with many wonderful things, one of them being the forsaking of our rote Christmas traditions and branching out into the unknown in the hopes of embedding ourselves in “Christ” and doing less of the “mas.” Rather than presents and breakfast at home, we donated that money and left early Christmas morning to hang out with the incredible staff and residents of Isaiah House Women’s Shelter, located in Santa Ana. Here are a few pictures from that day. I’m behind the¬†lens for once, much to Michael’s chagrin.

Michael peeling the carrots.

Allegra stirring the eggs!

Hungry People!

The volunteers surrounding the pretty table for a prayer.

This was an amazing day, and we plan on going back by ourselves or with friends long before next Christmas. I think one of the best parts was Michael and I thinking we would be 2 of 10 volunteers, making and serving breakfast to 15 to 25 women. Ha! Wrong. Over 150 people, men and women, turned out for this. So cool! I¬†won’t lie, though; I was just a wee bit nervous and apprehensive about giving up our Christmas this year. Hearing the words “Christmas” aloud helped solidify the decision. It is, nor will it ever be, our Christmas. It belongs to Jesus.

Another worthwhile cause I am proud to mention is the release of “Coast Highway Christmas,” a CD one of our dear friends, Jim Hitchcock, has been working on since last year. Each song is catchy and tuneful, with a twist of the old classic spirit and little Eagles-esqe thrown in for good measure. Most awesomely, all proceeds go to benefit the Marie Lundin Foundation. Michael and I both were honored and blessed to be a part of this charitable feat, Michael using his prowess in grahpic design, and me with vocals on “The First Noel” and “Do they know it’s Christmas.” Jim is an incredible musician, and has a heart of equal substance to match. This link will take you directly to Amazon, if you would like to purchase the CD. ¬†http://www.amazon.com/Coast-Highway-Christmas/dp/B005Y0RVT4¬†It’s also available on Apple iTunes and http://www.coasthighwaychristmas.com Or, if by chance you know Jim personally, he might have 1 or 2, or 500 extra copies in the back seat of his car. ūüôā

The last thing I would like to do before wrapping up this post is offer you my first tutorial. This wreath, along with a few other items, is available for purchase over at¬†http://craftingwater.storenvy.com/¬†if you decide you would like to own one without committing to the labor involved. On a scale of difficulty, I would rank it somewhere around 6 out of 10, only because of the tediousness of precision cutting, folding, and gluing. It’s relatively easy, though, and a beautiful addition to any room. Enjoy!

For this craft, you will need these materials:

Foam wreath – any size will do, I use a 14 in. Styrofoam wreath.

Felt – color (s) of your choice. You can use as many as you like; however, I was going for a subtle antique feel and chose the simplicity of just one.

Precision cutting scissors – OLFA makes a great pair.

Pins – I used bridal pins, extra fine 5 mm shaft.

Glue gun РI recommend you purchase craft gloves or prepare to be burned by the insidious beast.

Time and patience – lots of it!! Put on some music or a good movie and have at it.

You will need to trace circles onto your felt, using a stencil somewhere in the DVD size range. (Use a light color to trace, or be sure to cut inside the circle.) To avoid boredom and monotony, I preferred to trace for a while, then switch to cutting for a while, and then move to pinning for a while. This method kept me from making sloppy mistakes, too, as I was less prone to rush. Fact: the slower you go, the better this will turn out.

Fold your felt circle in half, and then once more, so that you end up with a triangular ruffleTake one your pins and puncture the apex of your ruffle, adhering it to the foam like so.

After a while, you should have something that looks like this. Try to resist the urge to position ruffles too much in the very beginning. Of course you will need to arrange them depending on what level of fullness you prefer, but invariably, you will end up moving, removing, adding, and calibrating the entire thing once you’re finished. Work in one area at a time, as this will leave you a good grip to manipulate the wreath.

The finished product!

Pin It

Please feel free to leave comments, pictures, or links and tell me how your wreath turned out. I would love to see them! Also, if you re-post on your blog, please provide a link-back to this blog, as the idea is to generate as optimal revenue in order to donate proceeds to Living Water International. 

Thank you! Until next time!

9 thoughts on “A December To Remember

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      • It was so sophomoric. I laugh now. I was trying to find out if a post actually showed up! They said if I built it, they would come. Not so. I didn’t know how to tag even. It’s been fun this year, Cara. I am so secure now that I don’t mind if nobody comes! Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, I guess. I like visiting more than I like posting, unfortunately. I have to push my old bones to get out to find something at least mildly interesting soon! You are so kind to follow along with me, Cara. I appreciate that. I really do.

  2. Hey, that’s my wreath! The symbolic imagery here is a trip. You carefully gathering all the different components and gently bending and transforming them; in turn leaving your impression on each one and creating something beautiful. Just like all the people you’ve touched here… And now this wreath is living here with me way down in Texas… Wow!

    Sorry, just had a little hippie moment there. ūüôā But it is pretty amazing how many wonderful blessings can come from just one good beginning!

    Here’s to another year of blessings! Much love – Lori

    • It is ūüėČ I was wondering if you would pop on over and notice! I had such a wonderful time making that wreath, and really, there is not another house in all America, or a remote city on the globe that I would prefer to know to its belonging. It belongs with you, I’m sure of it, and I am so grateful you partnered with me in bringing clean water to those who will surely greet us in heaven and tell us how wonderful it tasted.

      I do love your hippie moments.

      Love you!

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