Tutorial Tuesday! Citrasolv Image Transfer

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!

I think we are in agreement that there are way too many fabulous tutorials out there and not enough time to search them out, then see them through. Not reaping any results can be overwhelming and discouraging and that is just the opposite of how I want you to feel! With that said, I have decided to do the dirty work for you; each Tuesday I will pick a tutorial (I will do my best to find a variety of tutorials, ranging in length of execution and intricacy) and feature it here. All of them will come with pictures and step by step instructions, so that the time you spend making your craft will be well spent on the invigoratingly creative parts, rather than the endless searching and clicking and groaning. 🙂

All I ask is that if you re-post, make sure to link-up. And please do tell me how yours turned out!

This fabulous tutorial, first featured on Cortney’s blog over at faithandhome.blogspot.com, holds all kinds of possibilities.

*** Here is an example of the finished product, taken one step further and made into a pillow. Don’t be confused about the pictures not matching up; this one differs from those detailed below, but I wanted to give you an idea of what you can do once your image is transferred. Truly, so many options: if you’re an whiz with a sewing machine you can make a pillow, quilt, napkins. If not, have no fear, you can cut around the image and use a simple needle and thread to attach it to whatever you choose. Or better yet, head down to your local thrift store and sift the place for a rustic frame and mount your little beauty on the wall!

*** While this is a relatively easy tutorial, you will want to give yourself the time to go slowly through the steps. Choose a time a day where you have the space to enjoy creating. Also, you will need to have your materials prepped in advance.

Let’s get started!

Your materials:

-Fabric (I used a muslin type liner fabric that is about $2.50/yd- use a coupon at Joanne’s for a better deal)
-An image to transfer (I got mine from here)
– A spoon, or anything hard that you can rub the image with
– A paint brush (if you don’t have a paint brush, just use a cotton ball)
– Tape (I forgot to put that in the picture, oops)
*Some Notes on the materials*
For your image, you need something that looks good in black and white; I don’t think you can transfer in color.  You MUST go to the printer properties when you print the image and select “mirror printing”.  This will print the image backwards on the paper so that when you turn it over to transfer it is facing the correct direction.
Also, the image must be printed on a laser printer or a copier. The citrasolv reacts to the toner, so a regular ink jet printer will not work for this.  If you don’t have one, print it out on your inkjet and then take it to Staples or the local library to make a copy.  Or have it printed on a laser printed at Staples  (if you bring in a file on a USB or something, remember to tell the person to print mirror image)
About Citrasolv: Citrasolv is actually a natural citrus cleaner and degreaser, not a craft product.  I found mine at a health food store for $11.79.  A little pricey, but it lasts forever!  Food Lion in Lynchburg also carries it, but they didn’t have the concentrated bottle- only the spray bottle that has water added. I doubt that would work.
Citrasolv’s website will tell you where the closest places to buy it around you are here.
Once you have all your materials…
 Step #1:
Tape the paper image side down onto your fabric. (Be sure not to tape over any of the image)
Step #2- With your paint brush, begin brushing over the image with Citrasolv. You will begin to see the image.
Step #3: Make sure you have covered the entire image
Step #4: Take your spoon (or whatever your using) and press down very firmly on the image.  Rub over the entire image.
Step #5: Peek at the corner without taking the tape off to make sure you’ve pressed hard enough to make the image show up.
Step #6: Once you are ready, peel the paper off the fabric.  (This is the fun part!)
Step #7: Marvel at your beautiful fabric transfer, proudly show anyone who will look and listen, then decide what you’re now going to do with it!
Until next time . . .

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