New Inventory!

Quick! Grab your party hats and one of those roll-up noise makers and blowwwww! It’s time to celebrate!!!

Crafting Water launches an accessory line!

Okay . . . I might have gone a tad overboard, eliciting the help of The Statue of Liberty to inaugurate this event, but indulge me, will you? I’m just a smidge excited about this 🙂

While making home-decor over the holidays has served my need create lovely things well, the desire to offer a product a bit more affordable began to weigh heavily on my heart. There aren’t very many of us that haven’t been effected by the economy — even if only in small way. The majority have had to reconfigure budgets, learn how to be more frugal, decide what’s absolutely necessary, and in some cases, pack up homes and families to move back in with financially stable relatives.

*spot light shines on said individual writing this post*

These changes can be down right scary! In times of economical crisis — or any sort of financial set-back, for that matter — fear is exacerbated and generosity suffers. The temptation is to gather up everything of value and flee to DuckBerg, beseeching Uncle Scrooge to share his inordinately bejeweled vault.  Now . . . I know I’m totally dating myself with this one, but remember this show?! (Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t dream of slipping into a bathing suit and swan-diving off the platform into the pool of golden coins. Who wouldn’t, right?)

For an even better blast from the past, click here: Come on, you have 1:03 for a bit of childhood nostalgia, don’t you? *chants* do it, do it, do it!

*Warning: DuckTales theme song will play on repeat in your head for the remainder of the day, embedding itself semi-permanently no matter the lengths you go to rid yourself of it, and possibly inciting self-destructive head-banging into solid objects. Lyrics may or may not spontaneously burst from your mouth, causing you, without any forewarning, to jump up and dance joyously around work-space, all to the extreme chagrin and annoyance of any pets and humans present. Local authorities or those affiliated with asylums may also be notified of your less-than-appropriate and moderately disturbing behavior.* This concludes your warning.

Other than those very minor issues, though, it’s totally worth listening to!

Deviating back on course  . . .

We, as a society, are so blessed to have this commodity at our disposal. We use drinkable water on a daily basis to wash clothes, flush waste, and rinse dishes. Never become so complacent that you forget how blessed we are! It devastates me that many die each day from malaria and contamination, when all it would take is clean water to properly nourish them. We can change all that, though, starting in practical and small ways. Keep in mind that the proceeds of your purchase go to benefit Living Water International, an organization which seeks to bring clean water to people all across the world. You will receive an e-mail confirmation, in your name, sent directly to your inbox!

Here is a peek at one of the items available. The rest can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Felt Cherries Hair Pin

Link address:

I want to thank you for any and all support; whether you purchase something, take a moment to pray for those going with out clean water, or simply pass on the link to friends, family, or co-workers who might be interested, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You’ve helped a girl pursue her dream. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you pursue yours!

May you always be in search of the Good, allowing your Light to shine brightly.

All for Him,


2 thoughts on “New Inventory!

  1. Ducktales–Woo Ooo!!

    I toatlly loved that show! Remember Gummi Bears? One of my students had a gummi bears (the candy) t-shirt on the other day. I started singing “The Gummi Bears” theme song (that is another one that will stay in your head all day). Angie, my student looked at me funny, so I had to You-tube the song and show her.She got a good laugh and I remembered my childhood fondly!

    Anyhoo..I really like the way to write! You are very good with your words and communicate clearly!

    Your inventory is very cute and creative! I wish I was a more of a headband/barrette/hair pin type of gal, or I would get some!

    • Yay! I’m so glad another could appreciate the awesome-ness that was DuckTales. I sincerely miss that show, and were still on, would be a faithful watcher 🙂 Oh, no! You had the moment where you realize you are not as young as you thought you were! I loathe when that happens . . . I said a phrase the other day that I was under the impression was still being used. Um, yea, well apparently not, so I was informed. You sound like an awesome teacher, Suman. You didn’t have to take a moment and show your student the video, but you did. Very cool.

      Thank you! Such a compliment when people tell me they enjoy my writing . . . I honestly cannot fathom a better compliment, in fact 🙂 I am not sure if you are aware that I am working on the final edits of my first novel. *sucks in breath* I am terribly excited about this, but of course flooded with all the anxiety of a new “am I really any good at this” writer. Only time will tell, I suppose. God has given me the passion to write, and so I will!

      LOL. I completely understand. Some girls are just not “hair-accessory” people. If you know of anyone who does, though, or any little girls who would love a pretty headband or clips, let me know. I am able to make most everything I sell for adults in a child/toddler friendly version. 🙂

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