7 Pretty Things . . .

So . . .

When linking up for a Blog-Hop, it is wise to ensure you know exactly what’s expected of you. I am going to ask you to forgive me for my failing to publish a post of my “7 Pretty Things On A Sunday” I noticed my blog received a great deal of traffic today, and not until JUST now did I put two and two together.

*clouds part and rays of sunshine come filtering through, amid the angels voices*

Only when I began visiting everyone’s pages, did I notice that every single, solitary person — Yup, the only bafoon was me, apparently — had participated properly. Just in case you are not part of the Blog-Hop, I am linking up with Gussy SewsMatchstick MollyMuch Love, Illy + The Letter 4 for Sunday’s “7 Pretty Things on a Sunday” Yes, I am incredibly aware that — as the clocks reads 12:05 — it is now Tuesday. Again, please forgive me. I’m still learning.

Without further ado, I present to you my picks, all inspiring to me in very unique ways.

Pinned Image

A bathroom worthy of spending hours inside.

My sweet baby-puppy.

Pinned Image

Color and Elegance.

What I imagine Heaven’s entrance to look like.

All this is missing is my husband.

Pinned Image

One day . . .

Pinned Image

A writer’s desk.

Thanks for stopping by! All of these pictures link back to my Pinterest account if you’re interested in re-pinning. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “7 Pretty Things . . .

  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! 🙂 I love that bathroom! We rent right now, and our bathroom, is sooo drab. I really need to do something about it. And, as always, I enjoy your little dog. He is SO cute! 🙂

    • Thank you! Luckily bathrooms are fairly easy fix — even with the limitations of renting. Some glass bottles, rustic jars, and some carefully selected flowers, and instant reno! Ha, well, he is a “she,” but I thank you all the same 🙂 We think she’s pretty darn cute, too!

  2. Wow. Awesome pics!

    My laundryroom/ mudroom door looked very much like your bathroom door pic until I sanded and repainted. Now, I sort of wish I hadn’t. I live in a very old house. My grandparents’ old place. My mom and uncle were raised here, and now it’s mine and Hallie’s. LOVE it.

    Cute, cute, cute leeetle pup!

    I want that tree on my wall at the head of my bed! Beautiful!

    Love Heaven’s entrance, and I so would love to have a hammock with lights on the canopy. Soooo inviting.

    When I show these pics to my daughter, she’s gonna want those peacock nails! 😉
    Lovely post.

    Oh, and can you tell me how you did your lovely header? That’s amazing with the pics of the lights and your blog name over it. That’s cool.

    • Thank you, Carol! So glad you enjoyed the pictured — and that I actually got around to following the rules of the Blog-Hop. Sheesh! You’d think I was 85 and out of touch with the way things are done these days!
      Sorry about your door . . . I absolutely hate when a renovation that is supposed to bring life back into a piece of furniture, actually does the opposite. Is there any way to re-distress it??
      Aw, thank you. We are kind of enamored with her, too 🙂
      I wish I could be more of a help — or any help, for that matter — on how my header was created. I happened to married to a graphic designer who is uber-talented in ways I cannot even dream of aspiring to. It’s why the pictures on Crafting Water don’t look like they were taken with an $8 disposable camera. 🙂 If I had taken them, they would have! I very honestly wouldn’t know the first thing about explaining to you how he went about the layout. So sorry!

      • ha! Totally understand. So great that you have a talented super-hero to help you out with all the technical stuff. I’ll figure it out one day. Hey, at least I finally learned how to do a slideshow, so that’s really saying something. 😉

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