Tutorial Tuesday! Printed Candles

Happy Tuesday, Folks!

I hope your Monday was wonderful, and your Weds through Sunday was sensational. But today is Tuesday, and you know what the means!

*imagines crowd jumping to their feet, busting into uproarious applause*

A girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂

So, the tutorial I have for you today is all over Pinterest, but I believe it was first debuted on Sparkle and Hay. (This is a great blog for any of you planning a wedding in the near future!)

The craft is fairly easy and makes such an impression — no pun intended — on its own, or when used as a smaller component of a center piece. The subtly in colors and elegant scripting make it the perfect gift for almost anyone. That is, if you’re willing to part with your candles. Solution: make more! The expense shouldn’t total more than $12 if you shop frugally. The initial purchase of the large stamp and pad will cost a bit, but you’ll have it for years, and can use both for other crafts.

This week I am slightly over-extended with other priorities I must attend to. Crafting Water received a few orders that I want to give my full attention to, plus, we launched an accessory line! And then, of course, there is just life; I won’t bore you, but among my list of to-do’s, my car’s recall and a complete physical are at the top of the list. Good times, eh? That said, I have not done this tutorial myself; though I plan to purchase the supplies next time I am at Michael’s or a thrift store.

If you’re a new visitor and would rather follow along with a tutorial I’ve done, there’s 3 weeks of them available for you. If you’re game for this one, keep reading!

You will need:

Candles: Either taper or pillar (I suggest sticking to neutrals — at least for the first one — in ivory, beige, tan, etc…)

Large Printed Rubber Stamp: (Tip: the less ornate the pattern the better) These can run up to $15+ easily. I have pasted a link that will take you directly to Michael’s weekly add. I am disappointed to tell you, that for some odd reason, they are not offering their regular “40% off one item” coupon. Normally, this works “multiple” times at different stores. They do, however, have one for 25% off all scrap-booking items, so if you don’t want to wait, you can still get a small discount. If not, they should have a better coupon soon. Here’s the link:http://michaels.shoplocal.com/michaels/default.aspx?action=entryflash&

Stamp pad: Non-toxic Ink pad (tip: pigment based ink works better, however for health reasons due to burning, it is best to use a non-toxic ink)

Let’s begin!

Below is a very minimal picture guide. While not all that helpful, there really isn’t all that much to the craft. I’ve done something similar to this with glue and glass; a steady hand will be key. Also, take your time and allow the ink to penetrate candle. I’ve written out steps below as well.

Pinned Image

Step 1. Gather materials and find a sturdy, open area to work on.

Step 2. Turn the stamp on its backside, rubber side up, and evenly spread the ink pad across the stamp (tip: wiping it across the stamp works better than pressing down)

Step 3. Slowly, and pressing as evenly as possible, roll the candle across the inked stamp. Take time to properly line up longer tapered candles as it will take more than one roll.

Step 4. Carefully place to the side and let dry. Be careful – these will smear at first until they are fully dry, particularly if you are using a washable/non-toxic ink.

Pinned Image

The finished product!

If you’ve done this tutorial already, or do so in the future, let me know how yours turns out! I’ll make sure to post pictures of mine, too!

Until next time . . .

10 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday! Printed Candles

  1. The candles are so pretty! I wonder how much it would cost to have a stamp made with the words of the wedding song, vows, or favorite poem? Years ago, I had a stamp made and it was about $15, but I’m sure prices have went up since then. 🙂

  2. I love your blog, thanks for visiting mine. You have the name of my niece “Cara” I love her! I love that you spell it the same way too! You also have the last name of my Boss 🙂 Assemblymember Kristin Olsen :)!! Have a great day the week is almost over!!!

    • It should; it’s just not as flagrant as I’ve seen others buttons. I should probably make it a little easier to find, I’m starting to think. However, if you go to the far left side, just below my banner and above my picture, there will be a box to enter your e-mail address. I haven’t had any issues with it, but let me know 🙂

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