I Dub Thee Versatile

This Little Light is awarded! We are the recipients of the Versatile Blog Award!

*Raising the Roof*

I feel like singing; feel free to join in if you know the tune!

“Cel-e-bra-tion time, come on! Let’s celebrate. There’s a party going on right here; a celebration, to last through out the year. So take your good times, and your laughter, too, cause we goin’ celebrate and have a good time. Cel-e-bra-tion time, come on!”

This occasion calls for more than mere words; idoneous, perhaps, would be a picture to capture all the excitement churning away inside me. Yes, I think so.

. . . I’m terribly sorry. This doesn’t look like someone who is surprised or excited at all, does it! This is what happened: by the time my finger hit button, I was already well into preparing my acceptance speech. I could take another picture, I suppose, but it would just feel counterfeit and manufactured. However, because I don’t feel right with leaving you without a proper depiction, this is how I feel, expressed by someone much cuter than me.

See, that worked out well, didn’t it?

First things first: A big THANK YOU to Jess! This lovely lady chose lil ole’ me, as one of her seven nominees, from all the fantastic blogs she follows. If you have a moment, I recommend stopping by her blog and seeing what she’s up to. From photography, to crafts, to children, to travel, there’s always something going on over at A Winsome Journey. http://awinsomejourney.wordpress.com/

And now, as requested and mandated in the official rule-book, I give to you to you:

7 things about me:

1. While eating “Original” flavored Skittles — which are my favorite — I group together the purples and reds, do the same with the oranges, limes, and lemons, and then I eat them separately.

2. The perfect pair of jeans does not exist for my body.

3. My right boob is bigger than the left (T.M.I. ?)

4. Done right, I will burst into tears at a heartwarming commercial.

5. Fetishes and Favorites: White things, pajamas, blue glass, decorative soap boxes, New York Peppermint Patties, and pita chips.

6. I belch — A LOT

7. If I ever have the opportunity to meet Ian Sommerhalder, someone will likely have to restrain me from laying a smooch on him.

And lastly, with prestige, comes responsibility, and now I must pass on the legacy to others, so that they, too, may be honored and in turn give honor! (Sorry, that was a beast of a sentence.) Moving on  . . .

Truth be told, I am still very new to the blog world. It was only last month that This Little Light launched. Before then, I updated a writing blog only about once a month. I suppose you could say I am still just getting my feet wet, and haven’t amassed some of the following’s many of you have. However, each of the blogs I follow, I follow for a reason; though, not always for versatility. On the contrary, I like the focus in which many of you tailor your content. Not everyone is wired to have their hands in multiple pots all at once. To be honest, I don’t think any of us are, truly, but are enticed by all that is out there to claim as “passion” and “interest.” You wouldn’t think it was so difficult to limit yourself to one focus, but it is. I have great respect for those able to do that. The blogs I chose, I did so keeping versatility in mind, whether it be in expression, or idea, or content.

VBA Rules state the following:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.

2. Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy.

3. Next, select 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. (15  is a bit much for any one person, so I have picked 8.)

4. Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award

5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

And now, in no particular order or preference are the blogs I nominate:

Bigger in Real Life

Christy might possibly have the cutest heads I have EVER seen! They rotate with every click, up to about 10 times, so I am told. She loves to read, eat, listen to music and considers herself a wearer of many hats — a very versatile woman indeed. http://biggerinreallife.com/

“The S.I.P Project

There are too many wonderful things to say about this next blog, to whittle it down to one tag line. I will say this, however, I am incredibly inspired by what DeAnn is going over at S.I.P Project. In her own words: “I will take your pictures and in exchange for this you will do a service project of your choosing.” http://thesipproject.blogspot.com

It’s the Small Things

This gal, Katie, is adorable. And the things she can do with her hair will make you pant with envy! While I’ve tried — and failed — mussing with my own volumeless locks, Katie shows you step-by-step how to coif your hair with creativity and elegance.  http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com

Wit and Whistle

This is another blog chock full of fun, interesting, and lovely ideas. Many of her crafts can be purchased on Etsy, but she shows you how to make many as well. http://witandwhistle.com

Kid Lit

As a writer, I had to throw one writing blog in here. This lady, Mary Kole, is an author and publisher. For those who seek to improve their craft, she very practically gives pointers from an editor/publisher point of view. Occasionally, I’ll spend the morning browsing a few articles before I settle down for the day to write. She’s spunky, knowledgeable, with a sassy wit, to boot! http://kidlit.com


Truly lovely photography and poetry . . . http://apronhead.wordpress.com

Earthy Gurl

Marian — and her blog — are adorable. She expresses herself with a unique voice and gleans enjoyment from the simple things in life. There’s a roll call of interests displayed on her side-bar, which you are sure to enjoy as well. http://earthygurl.com/

ReStitch Me

Kelly makes ALL sorts of creative things! Recently she put together a paper-heart banner, that I am still chomping at the bit to make. Even better, she finds way to use materials that would otherwise be left to the dump, and turns them into treasure! A Creativist and Conservationist; hats off to you, Kelly! http://restitchme.com

20 thoughts on “I Dub Thee Versatile

  1. Ahhh! You are too sweet! I’m honored, and can’t wait to think of versatile bloggers to pass this on to.

    You totally deserve this award! I smile every time a post from This Little Light pops up in my inbox. Thanks again!

    P.S. My left boob is bigger than my right. Maybe we could trade?

  2. Congrats on your award!
    I’m pretty sure there are no jeans that fit anyone perfectly. I’d rather go bathing suit shopping then jeans shopping! lol 🙂

    thanks for your comment on my inspirational spaces post.
    I COMPLETELY understand how you’re feeling. Due to a flood in my condo building I was living with my parents for 5 weeks. I was desperate for space of my own. VERY grateful to have somewhere to stay but just wanted space. I get it! 🙂

    happy friday

    • Thanks, Brooke!
      Really? Bathing suit shopping?!? I suppose it depends on the lighting . . . Target is the WORST!

      So sorry to hear about the flood, but yes, what a blessing to be able to bunk with family while everything was sorted out. I hope all is well, now, and you are enjoying your space once more 🙂

  3. Awesome, Cara, on your award! It was fun to read your list of 7 things about you. I too, organize candy (M & M’s usually) by color. What does that say about us?! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kelly!!

      LOL. I don’t know? What does it say? Fastidious, perhaps? Interesting? Slightly autistic? Either way it’s kind fun having weird quirks. Or else, what would I have put in my “7 Things” 🙂

  4. Wow Cara, you go girl!!! I was in tears over your skittles and pjs comment when graciously accepting this incredible award. Grave some green skittles for me please 🙂

  5. Ian Sommerhalder eh? Were you a LOST fan?? ( I was addicted….!)

    Copngratulations! I wish I had the creative spirit (and the time) to wirte a blog! You do it soooo well!!!

    • You know what? I didn’t even watch that show! I did not stumble onto Ian’s scrumptiousness until Vampire Diaries, which, now holds reign as my favorite show. I know . . . I am one of “those” girls. LOL. And, beyond that, he is who I envision my male main character in the book I am writing to be. I have a special attachment to his face, though as Dominic — my character — rather than Damon — who he plays in Vampire Diaries. 🙂

      You teach, Suman! You have a gift that changes LIVES! I love reading your posts about what you’re doing with the kids 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.

  6. Cara I feel so honored!! That is so sweet of you to choose me!!! Your posst and your comments always bring a smile to my face! Your always a breathe of fresh air! Thanks so much!! hugs!!

    • *blushes*

      Well, Elsie, you have gone a made a girl blush 🙂 Thank you, my friend. Your stuff — which is not just stuff — is incredible! God has big plans for you and that big ole heart trapped inside a chest barely large enough to contain it.

      *belches* <— That was for you.

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