Mille O Tante Grazie!

Translation: Many thanks!

This last week was a humbling one, to say the very least. This Little Light was nominated for two awards by two terrific ladies, mentioned honorably by a talented author, and an incredibly gifted writer/photographer dedicated his Sunday post to me — splitting the honor between myself and one of the aforementioned teriffic ladies above. On top of all that — as if it weren’t enough — my following more than tripled!


*quickly recovers*

The first award received was the ABC Award (Awesome Blog Content) Really? Me? Well, shucks!

This award comes from Jess over at A Winsome Journey This is the second nom from her, and I am most grateful she continues to read and follow along with me, as I continue to read and follow along with her. It seems there is no limits to how many pictures of her llamas I can handle. I love every single one of them. She posts other things, too, mind you, but her farm pictures are my favorite. I can almost smell the dewy grass, the straw, and that relaxing scent many of us unfortunately don’t have enough of these days — dreamy.

Thank you, Jess.


On 2/20/2012 Four Blue Hills nominated me for this award, making The Little Light a 2nd time awardee! Thank you SO much! I can hardly stand the graciousness floating all over WordPress.

To my followers: when you have a moment, have a looksee at this wonderful blog!

The Rules State:

1 – Thank the person that nominated you.

2 – Share some things about you, using the alphabet as the modus operandi.  It could be a word or two about you, and/or anything that interests you. A suggested alternative is to write the first word you think of. I would also like to add a third alternative to the list, one that may or may not have already been started. I decided to challenge myself — ya’ll know how much I enjoy challenges (Did I just say ya’ll? Jess, I think your blog has infiltrated my dialect.) — and write a poem, keeping in mind the alphabetical sequence. The challenge resides in two things. 1. Not sitting here for the remainder of the day writing this post. 2. That it has a semblance of sense.

Here goes nothin’ . . .

A) All

B) boats

C) can

D) drown.

E) Every

F) frail

G) girl,

H) holding

I) inside

J) jars

K) kept

L) love

M) mangled,

N) nears the (I cheated.)

O) ocean

P) pleading,

Q) quelling

R) restless

S) sea

T ) tides

U) under

V) valiant

W) woe.

X) Xavier,

Y) you

Z) Zestril.

Well . . . I like it.

The last rule asks that I nominate 7 bloggers to receive this award. This is always the toughest part, and I just resent that I can’t nominate everyone. I wouldn’t be following your blog if it didn’t have ABC. Okay, grumbling aside, here are my picks, all of which are incredibly detailed, insightful, and sophisticated blogs. The effort and time put in shows both by frequency of posts and level of caliber to which each post is written. Everyone can “blog” but there are those that go beyond blogging and enter into a place where heart meets mind, and a child of ingenuity is borne.

1) Bowendiaries @

2) Photo Bojo @

3) The Blissful Adventurer @

4) She Kept a Parrot @

5) Gloria Richard @

6) Totsy Mae @

7) Tracie Louise Photography @

Check out these fabulous blogs; you will not be disappointed.

The second award I was nominated for was the Liebster Blog Award.

 “Liebster” is a German word meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favorite. The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers in order to create new connections and bring attention to these wonderful blogs!

The Rules:

1 – Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.

2 – Link back to the person who awarded you.

3 – List the blogs that have affected your writing in a positive manner.

4 – Leave comments on those blogs to let them know of their nominations.

5 – Post award to your blog (Optional, of course)

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a quote that will forever remain embedded in my mind. Its philosophy is uncomplicated, though don’t let simplicity be mistaken for overt intricacy.

“You can’t get second things by putting them first. You get second things only by putting first things first.” C.S. Lewis

So, first things first: Thank you, George. I count myself blessed for our serendipitous meeting. You are a woman to be reckoned with, and one I find myself wishing lived nearer to me, so we could sit and drink tea from your lovely teapot and teacups. I would admire Rita — from a safe distance — and you would take pictures. We would both write, never once worrying about our feelings because we Mollusk-people understand. We understand.

I invite all of you to meet this lady for yourselves. You may have the privilege of getting to know George by clicking on this link.

These are the 6 blogs I have chosen to receive the Liebster award. If you have already received it, I apologize. While the idea is to pick relatively new and undiscovered blogs, this takes some digging around in the archives. I just don’t have the time or blogging skill to locate such pertinent information, so I have based my selections on two things: those I am just getting to know, and those who make a great effort to connect with me, the ones who faithfully like or leave comments, caring enough to tell me what they thought of my rants, poetry, pictures, tutorials, and the like. While searching for recipients I saw that a few of those awarded for the ABC award would qualify for this one, too, but I thought it best to pick new blogs. Winning an award, while an honor indeed, is a tad overwhelming. Correction: a lot overwhelming. Anyhow, I thank you for your interest and appreciate every comment made. Without people to appreciate my interests, I would remain to be nothing more than a clucking hen.

1) The Beautiful Life of a Traveling Wife @

2) Dayledann @

3) Revelations in Writing @

4) Coastal Crone @

5) Bless Your Hippie Heart @

6) Olivia’s Opinions @

I wish all of you a lovely Monday, and will see you here tomorrow for Tuesday’s Tutorial!


27 thoughts on “Mille O Tante Grazie!

  1. “Everyone can “blog” but there are those that go beyond blogging and enter into a place where heart meets mind, and a child of ingenuity is borne.” – Beautifully said and very humbling (since you nominated me). What an honour. And I am so touched that you feel that way about my posts. Truly I am blessed to have one such as you in my life xxoo.

  2. Lordy Mercy, Mollusk-Girl. Why’d you go and do that? As I was carelessly reading your response to receipt of the ABC Award and thinking to myself that your nomination was entirely justified, I sat bolt upright in my chair! I know I turned instantly red-faced with embarrassment. There it was: MY BLOG. How could I possibly come close to writing something remotely approaching this kind of imagery? That kind of poetry using ABCs of all things?

    “Everyone can “blog” but there are those that go beyond blogging and enter into a place where heart meets mind, and a child of ingenuity is borne.”

    That’s who you are and that’s what you do. And, that’s why we follow you. Thank you from deep inside my old heart, Mollusk Girl. We will drink tea and write one day. I promise.

  3. First I congratulate you on your awards! I am glad that I found your blog. Thank you so much for my nomination! The awards are new to me so I will have to check out the rules and put together a proper acceptance speech.

  4. Cara, Thank You! It’s funny, I started my blog because my daughter Rachel asked me for a copy of some of my recipes. Copy??? What copy? They’re all in my head and I kind of wing it every time I cook them. So I just started putting them in a blog with photos. Plus it’s a fun way to journal my life. Something my girls can look back on after I’m gone. I never dreamed other people would actually read it. I’m amazed! And in the process, I’ve been blessed with the privilege of reading and getting to know some pretty awesome bloggers. How cool is that!

  5. Pingback: Thank you! And an update… | oliviasopinions

    • You are too sweet! Thank you 🙂

      And I added I Capture The Castle to my “to read’ list. I looked for you and couldn’t find you. Feel free to search for me. I’m Cara Olsen on there 🙂

      • Cara, you aren’t on my Good Reads list either. I never thought to add anybody. There is one woman who got on there somehow. She self-published a novel that I downloaded but have not read. Her name is Mary E. Martin from Toronto, Ontario. That is all I know about her. She’s on my FB friends list. Maybe that’s how she showed up on Good Reads. I’ll add you now. Thanks.

  6. NOTE TO SELF: Never ever get behind on reading blog faves.

    Especially if one of those bloggers is Cara Olsen–the blog that rolls too fast to gather mothballs.

    I am so GRATEFUL for your nomination. [Insert “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” emoticon guy.]

    I won’t let you down, Cara. LOVED your poem.

    Deviously plotting to one-up you. Hmm. Must sleep on that one.

    Congratulations on the exponential growth in followers. YOU are the reason we keep coming back. And, your awards are well deserved.

    I’ll shoot you a tweet to let you know when I’m putting up my ABCs.

    Sherry’s ongoing mini-series on goals goes up tomorrow, followed by dissection of my ROW80 goals on Friday.

    Thursday’s a possible, so long as life behaves itself and doesn’t throw me a fast ball. Thanks again!

    • Gloria,

      You remind me of a fairy — the good kind; not the evil ones that hiss and bite — sprinkling her encouragement, cheer, and support all across the magical land of Blogolousia. How fortunate I am to have had you dust all my recent posts 🙂

      I cannot WAIT to read your poem! I don’t have a tweet or twit or a tweeter, though, so we’ll have to do things the ole fashion way. Just pick up the cup connected to the rope and shout into it. I’ll be on the other end.

      You’re very welcome. You are most deserving!

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