A fine article, filled with the cleverness, humor, and truth that most writers only hope to capture when seeking to purport something witty. I read the entire thing, then read it again. Brains — you’ve got some pretty stellar brains.

brainsnorts inc.

to be “freshly pressed” (FP) is cool.  it means that someone, somewhere, for some reason, thinks that what you wrote is relevant, witty, visually outstanding, poignant, provocative, or any combination, but not limited to, those nice words.  it means your thoughts or product will be posted to be seen by the entire wordpress community, or at least those who know about it.  i was probably using wordpress for close to half a year before i knew FP existed.  as cool as it is, and as cool as i may or may not be, i will never be FP, unless FP stands for “f#cking pr!ck.”

1. i am not female.  my research has shown that 94.88% of all FP are female.  further, 67% of all female FP are hot.  the remaining 33% that aren’t hot, are really hot. 

2. i’m not big with photography.  it seems 70% of all FP have a landscape or artsy/city theme with pictures…

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