A Wingless Bird

We are a people easily inspired.

Should we be in the mood for something to encourage or uplift, it seems we need not exert ourselves beyond the click of a button. Pictures, music, clothing, food — it’s all there for our immediate access. In youth, inspiration is somewhat of a capacious, ethereal thing; it changes and morphs as rapidly as we do. Chance encounters, unfortunate circumstances, a generous accolade, a supportive parent — these experiences mold, shape, and respectively define what we consider to be inspirational.

What I find exceptionally grand is how, such as a match beneath brush, inspiration can ignite us, propel us upward and onward, all toward something that was otherwise not thought possible or attainable. Haven’t we all seen how even the unlikeliest of candidates found his or or her way after being “inspired” by a person, place, moment or thing. Truth be told  — and this shall be expanded upon in the dedication of Awakening Foster Kelly — I am only a writer only because my husband called me one first. I was given the name Cara at birth, the name Olsen in marriage, and the name writer by someone who saw something in me I never would have seen myself. True story.

For the most part, however, as we grow older, our successes and failures begin to outline a future; our goals align, usually, with what we are capable of achieving. Depending on what gifts we do or do not possess, our innate predilections, and the resources available to us, we will pursue our goals with alacrity, so long as there is enough reason and justification to do so.

Now, of course, there are those dauntless sorts who see steep snowy peaks as welcome challenge and benighted fathomless depths as great adventure; I am not one of these amalgams, though I am very much inspired by you. Write a blogpost and bring back pictures, please. Thank you.

I was inspired by something — or rather, I should say someone — this morning. But before I introduce you to a man you might already know of, I thought I would leave you with a few pictures that I imagine many of you, being the impassioned, focused, dedicated people you are, will endorse with pleasure and agreeability. Hopefully.

~ Inspirations’ Children

The Interior Designer:

The Chef:

The World Traveler:

The Organized:

The Runner:

The Writer:

The Photographer:

The Haute Couturier:

While I would never purport to trump one spirited passion above the other, one constancy must abound in every single one; we must decide to actually do something with our inspirations. We must actually write the book, cook the food, run the miles, decorate the homes, take the pictures, and so on and so forth. Yes? If not, what of all that wasted potential?

I want to introduce you to someone, but first a question: have you ever met someone seemingly more alive than most? Have you ever gotten close enough to actually see joy, smell hope, taste honesty, hear courage, and touch love? I have. Many years ago, I actually had the pleasure of encountering and speaking to such a man. His name is Nick Vujicic. I am tempted to depict Nick with my own failing words. And they would fail. For Nick cannot be described; he is not a book, or a song, or a picture, yet he is all of them. Nick lives his life in such a way that makes what the rest of us do look like ungrateful sloths. Not a second is wasted, not a word spoken to further his a vain endeavor. He simply lives the life God gave him. And he is thankful.

Please, take a few moments and meet this incredible man, and listen to his inspirational story. I promise you — and if I am wrong, I will find someone way to indemnify these 7 minutes — you will not be sorry.

I pray for you an inspirational day. Even more, I pray for you the ability to meet that inspiration in an act of courage and trust and love.

Blessings, my friends.

37 thoughts on “A Wingless Bird

  1. Whoops! Sent before I wished you a wonderful, blessed Sunday.

    Blame it on the half-caffeinated brain. I’m on Holy Roller duty today at church — rolling yummy breakfast burritoes. Tons of fun watching harried moms and dads come through with their hungry little ones all dressed up for Sunday School.

  2. Cara,

    Thank you for the inspirational message today. After a very tough week, (lost my job Monday) this is just what I needed to hear. Everything good or bad, has it’s purpose in our lives and I am eager to begin a wonderful new chapter in my own. 🙂

    Blessings always!


    • Lori, I am so sorry to hear that . . . I will be praying for you; that God would provide comfort in the midst of this loss, and the worry or insecurity you might feel in not having a steady income temporarily. If there is anything specifically I can praying on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to ask.
      He is faithful, and I have every assurance that something Good is right around the corner. I, too, am excited for this path He is sending you down. Whatever it is, if His hands are guiding, then you are in safe hands, indeed!


    • To amaze you is to be blessed. 🙂 You are so welcome. It is my joy and honor to have a part in putting this story into as many lives as possible.

      Happy Sunday, Beth!

  3. Wow! Though I have a tender heart, it rarely manifests through any sort of shedding of tears. However, the power and potential of His promises presented through the incredible life of Nick, moved me to tears… Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful and beautiful story!

    • I was moved to tears as well, Shannon. And while I am somewhat of a lachrymose woman, shedding tears at the silliest things from commercials to stubbed toes, I don’t believe it’s possible to hear Nick’s story and not have some sort of visceral reaction. It warms my heart that you were able to share this with me, and appreciate how just how special he is. 🙂

  4. Isn’t it wonderful how some people can rise above unimaginable adversity? Before going to sleep tonight (imminent) I just wanted you to know you’ve reminded me that despite our manifold failings (which I’m always keen to point out!), there are some among us who could change our world for the better. Thanks for your post:)

    • What a thoughtful and thought-provoking comment . . . Thank you, and yes, I agree completely (on both accounts: the ability to find fault in everything and everyone — namely myself — and those mysterious beings who seem to radiate life and love like oxygen.). Nick is one those . . . an angel on Earth, I guess you would call him.

      You know, I don’t think you’ve told me your name yet; may I have it? I would love to address you as something other than TWG. 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on ConquerorShots and commented:
    Donnie McClurkin penned a song “We Fall Down but We Get Up” years ago. You, somewhere in your lifetime, have fallen.Witness, identify and emulate what an ACT OF COURAGE does for you and the next person. Read the post please, then review the movie. This is time WELL invested! Stay blessed.

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