Kenya Bound

This morning, my best friend is on my mind . . .

She leaves for Kenya in roughly a month and a half, and will be gone for a whole year. I am bursting at the seams with pride. This woman, this impassioned follower of Christ, is giving up every comfort she knows to lay down her will before His, and serve His people among a third-world country. I will also admit now that, selfishly, I don’t want her to leave. I will miss her greatly. While we do not see one another as often as I would like, Amanda is like the extra rich canister of cocoa you keep in the back of your pantry; you don’t drink it every day, but should you be in need of something satisfying and restorative, it’s there waiting for you. I am thrusting my selfish heart to the floor, zip-locking my sadness, and focusing on the Good and Light, both of which are Amanda and God’s call for her life.

Kenya, in itself, is a beautiful country; the people, the landscape, the culture — it’s brimming with life and vitality. There are pockets of this wild and unindustrialized land that are prospering and thriving. The people are healthy. The children are being educated. Lives are being changed for the better. These advancements have much to do with people, missionaires like Amanda, who generously and selflessly give of themselves . . . for free.

There are also pockets of Africa that, unfortunately, still suffer in starvation and disease. Please forgive me . . . my intention is not to make this post a sorrowful one, but I would be remiss if I only told one side of the story. So convicted am I that, while clicking copy image address and insert into post, I had to take a moment to sob. The child — I am uncertain of whether this is a little boy or girl — in the second picture quite literally broke my heart.

We will not stay here, though, and we will not focus on these tragedies, because that is not where God would have us. We, the blessed and wealthy — yes, by the world’s standard, each every one of us is wealthy! — have the ability to do something. The power to effect change is in our hands. And so, we shall use these hands of ours to heal, to love, and to bring this nation Hope.

I am not a frivolous person; however, I enjoy shopping. I look forward to the weekend, and sitting down with my husband inside a beautiful restaurant, where we eat to our heart’s content. These things are Good. We work hard and there is no guilt. Michael and I are grateful and thankful for the life God has given us. But, to those who have been given much, much will be expected. God did not choose for me a life of luxury, and for these babies, squalor and disease. What sort of God would He be to dole out fortune to one and poverty to the other. No, it is His hope that we, the fortunate would be spurred toward generosity.

And this, my friends, is what money well-spent looks like.

Food for everyone.

Nobody likes getting a shot. 🙂 This one . . . will save his life.

Rejoice, for He is Good!

So, with all of that said, I would like to ask if you might consider supporting my best friend, Amanda. A moment ago, I mentioned her giving of herself for free. Well, that’s not exactly true; she needs to raise twenty-five thousand dollars. This covers her flight expenses, sparse accommodations, food, etc… for a year. Amanda will gladly accept support in the way of prayer, or should you be so inclined, by financial assistance. If you’re a tithing family, perhaps you will consider using a portion of this allotment for God’s work elsewhere. I know I will never visit Africa. However, I am able to experience the Great things happening there vicariously through Amanda. It brings me infinite joy to partner with her, helping her live out her dream and utilizing the giving of the gift God has bestowed upon her.

The link below will take you directly to Christ’s Hope website. There you can select the Donate Now button to give a one time or monthly donation. In the donation destination line, please put Amanda Young — Kenya.

Amanda and I thank you for supporting her in any way you choose.


My Amanda-pants and I, last year for my 29th birthday.

Love you, Level 5!

And thank you, everyone. Have a wonderful, terrific, sensational weekend!

13 thoughts on “Kenya Bound

  1. Thank you my sweet friend, for your beautiful post. It had me in tears… Both tears of sorrow, for the ones that are still so lost, and tears of joy, for His light that can be seen so clearly in the darkness. It truly is overwhelming to think how much He loves those Kenyans, that He is willing to uproot people from all over the world to go and be His hands and feet. Thank you for sharing this. I love you and am so blessed to have you.

  2. What a powerful and beautiful post, Cara! I love the reference “to those who have been given much, much will be expected.” God has given me so many blessings in my life along with many trials. However, I believe everything I have been given is for a reason and I would be amiss not to give back. You and your friend Amanda seem to be very special women who believe in the same. It warms my heart to think of the work she is doing in Kenya. I know you will miss her, but I’m sure she will bring back so many blessings to share with you! Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

    Happy Sunday, pretty lady!

    • You are wonderfully right, Amber! While I will miss her, I am delighted by the difference she will make simply by being the woman God made her to be, taking her gifts and skills with her to Kenya. Thank you for reading along!


  3. Great post here… The link provided above for Amanda’s website is not clickable… You might want to reset it. Are you familiar with
    It is easy to set up an account and easy to share with friends and family. That is if she doesn’t have a website. I prayer that God will use her mightily and that she will be changed as well. In my experience, that is usually what happens. Blessings!

    • Thank you for notifying me, Walter. I will see if I can get a clickable link. In the meantime, if you just copy and paste it into the browser, you should be taken directly to the Christ’s Hope. At least, I believe so, but I will double check.

      Happy Sunday, and thank you!

  4. “We, the blessed and wealthy — yes, by the world’s standard, each every one of us is wealthy! — have the ability to do something. The power to effect change is in our hands. And so, we shall use these hands of ours to heal, to love, and to bring this nation Hope.” This is so true. The money I spend on Starbucks, beauty products and dog treats would probably be enough money to feed a hungry child for a year.

    Thank you Amanda and Cara for being His vessels. You young ladies are two beautiful sisters of Light and I will be praying for His protection, guidance and perfect will in both of your lives.

    • Thank you, Lori, for such sweet words. I know I speak for Amanda when I say that we are only giving out of the overflow in which God has abundantly and graciously given us. We are beyond blessed and only hope our acts of service please Him!

      I thank you immensely for your prayers for her. She will need them!

  5. Beautiful post that brings out the culture and real issues of a country – Kenya. Yes the sweet children in Kenya and all over the world deserve much better. !

    Thank you for sharing. Cheers! 🙂

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