The Day Hath Arrived

I can hardly believe it.

My husband has been fighting me on this for weeks.

“It’s time, babe,” he says earnestly.

*chews off another fingernail, making the total loss 8 fingernails* “Um . . . no, I don’t think it is,” I tell him.

“Then when?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I say. In my head I think, maybe a month.

But as the title of this piece suggests: The Day Hath Arrived. Rather than tell you about the book here, I would rather you visit and explore on your own. And since I had very little to do with the graphics, I feel no compunction whatsoever when I tell you the site is gorgeous. I couldn’t have asked for more. To excite the author with a book she has worked on for 2 years, and edited for another year, is quite an astonishing feat.

Michael Olsen, you are incredible.

My friends, may I eagerly present to you the blog for my novel, Awakening Foster Kelly.

40 thoughts on “The Day Hath Arrived

  1. Well my dear, you just made my week! I will read anything you write and I am excited about this, I truly, truly am! Congratulations on such an accomplishment…wow, mad respect for you! I can imagine you biting those fingernails as you hit the “publish” button…I hold my breath when doing so 😀

    Can’t wait to read chapter one tonight when all my littles are fast asleep, accompanied with a nice glass of wine!
    Happy Happy Wednesday to you!

    • Thank you, thank you! In the “About” section, I go on to say I am nearing the end of final edits, so I am hesitant to start celebrating right this second, but . . . I am close! The blog is the first step. 😉

      Oh, wonderful! And please feel free to let me know what you think. Enjoy your day, my friend!

      ~ Cara

    • You are cracking me up over here, Karista. I continue to giggle in my chair, unnerving my husband to no end. “What’s so funny?” he keeps asking me.

      Thank you, your enthusiasm is wonderfully contagious!

      I found you on Twitter a moment ago. Good grief, woman, you have over a thousand followers! I think I might just take you up on your offer to plug me . . .


  2. Now, what was it you were waiting for? Thank goodness Michael is there to put a bullet under that “publish” finger, cause the sit’s wonderful, really, and after all the build-up of character and place, the first Chapter is a revelation.

    Congratulations my dear Cara, you have found a voice which will carry this young woman into our hearts, I’m sure of it:)

    • Right?! I don’t know what I would do without his incessant pestering. 😉

      What was I waiting for? Oh, lots of things! Fear mostly, though. Actual fear, not the stuff of insecurity. Today a friend alerted my attention to a series of books recently published called “The Awakened” with a large eyeball on the cover. I tell you no lie when I say that I’ve carried around this art and title for over four years . . . I think my heart dropped a few inches when I saw the book. The plot couldn’t be further from I’ve written, but still, a writer is nothing if not unique. Should AFK be published, chances are I would receive new graphics, but in the meantime I loathe having something so similar. I got an awful case of the worries then, thinking what if someone does the same with my characters??

      So many things out of my control. I must give these worries over to the Lord. He will handle them much better than I.

      Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to consciously like each and every item on the blog. It means a great deal to have your support. I have no doubts that people will fall in love with Foster. I certainly did.

      Happy morning to you!

      • I can understand the ‘ordinary’ fear of publishing, dear, and now I know about the awful cosmic coincidence, I can understand the tangible fear of what that might mean for your graphics. You know how lucky you are to have such a supportive partner – at times like this he must seem like an especially wonderful gift. 🙂

      • Oh, there are all sorts of necessary an unnecessary evils out there, and gain and profit seek no end to destruction. People will steal what they cannot envision, and I just have to come to terms with that. He is bigger than all that.

        He is an angel, Meredith. I would be a shell without that man.

  3. I can say little that hasn’t already been said, Cara.

    I am so proud for you. I understand most writers hesitation to expose their baby to the world — to send that young bird out to fly on its own.

    You, my friend, had nothing to worry about. Your husband was right. It was time.

    The prologue and first chapter compel me to beg for more. Soon!

    • I know you understand the monument of this leap. Any time a writer says, “Here,” and shows someone her/his work, it is like handing over a piece of her heart. It’s never easy to be brave, which is usually how I know what’s being asked of me is good.

      Thank you for your support and encouragement from day one. You, Gloria, are bright light, shining into the lives surrounding you.

      Much love,
      ~ Cara

  4. Yippee! Hooray!! Atta Girl!!!

    Cara, I’m just over the moon with excitement for you. This is such a HUGE accomplishment and I can’t wait to check out the new blog and follow along in this exciting chapter of your life!

    Sending much love and wishing abundant success and happiness in all you do!


    • LOL. You and Karista with those exclamation points . . .

      In my head, Lori, I will have you know you’re both wearing cheerleading uniforms and holding pom-poms. In fact, and it’s completely off topic, but both of you with your thick, gorgeous hair and petite stature would make the consummate cheerleaders. Perhaps Halloween? 😉

      I am incredibly blessed to know you. When discussing “blogging” with most people who don’t manage a blog, the whole idea of it is lost on them. How can you possibly begin a true friendship with someone through the internet? Then your face, along with a few others surfaces, and I say, “You just do.”

      Thank you, my dear, sweet friend.
      ~ Cara

    • Thank you, Susan. Yes, I would say that I am proud of what God was able to do through and with me. I have grown as a writer, most definitely, but even more so as a person, and that is for which I am most grateful for. I must hold tight to this joy. Many ugly things will attempt to steal it from me. I won’t let them have it!

      Bless you!

  5. I am so proud of you for how you have stepped outside of your comfort zone in every way possible to set out on the journey of writing a book. It has been inspiring to watch you pour your heart into this, perservering in the times of difficulties and struggles, and rejoicing in the moments of strength and ease. I am proud to call you, Cara Olsen, the author and just overall amazing woman, my friend!

    • The hint of tears stings the back of my eyes.

      I think so much of the madness writers experience derives from a lack in support. Real, true, genuine support from friends who love them, and others who have been there, or are there presently. You remember when you told me the other day that, you were so surprised to find that the relationships who were supporting you financially were people you never would have guessed? That those who you assumed would be the likely candidates were actually not all that eager to help? I understood that then, and I understand again now.
      I am overwhelmed by love and support this week, and not one, besides yourself, have I had the pleasure of meeting face to face. He is a provider, though He makes no assurances of where it will come from. 😉

      Thank you for supporting me, Amanda. This friendship was fated in the heavens, and I trust that as He sends us out to our respective journeys, we will come back more enriched, broken, and whole.

      Love to you,
      ~ C

  6. Cara!!!! This is so exciting! I can’t believe you were hesitant to reveal your new blog to us! It is spectacular, not that I expected anything less! Thank goodness for Michael’s caring pushes. I am absolutely over the moon with joy for you! Thank you for facing whatever vulnerabilities you were feeling and sharing with us!

    • It certainly is, Amber! Thank you for coming the new blog and checking things out. 😉

      Oh, well . . . I mentioned this earlier, but any hesitancy I felt was not due to an insecurity of the work itself, but the fear in which any writer has about protecting his/her work. By putting it out there, I give people an opportunity to know about the book — which is a good thing. But also, the chances of thievery increase. You would be surprised how many ideas are stolen ones.

      But that is the ugly side of things, and I will deal with that if I must. For now, I rejoice, thanking God for this achievement!

      Happy Tuesday to you,

      ~ C

  7. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHhHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for you! Sorry I’m late to the party, but I’m only just getting back to catching up with all the blogs after a two-week hiatus. LOVE the photo on your about page, by the way. Yay, Cara!!!!!

  8. BRILLIANT 🙂 The day hath indeed arrived! Congrats to you. And your husband sounds so lovely – what a sweet image you gave. ‘Maybe tomorrow…’ No, today!

    • Thank you, my friend, I appreciate that.

      Yes, he is quite lovely. 😉 I’ve been glad to have him throughout the celebratory moments, but even more so during the trials and valleys. Nothing like having your best friend there to tell you everything will be okay.

      Happy Sunday to you!
      ~ Cara

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