In Good Company

The sun shines best when there are those present to receive its warmth.

Lives are full. Schedules are packed. And ambition never sleeps. Yet, still you came.

This is a very quick post to simply say, Thank You. The last couple of days have been abundantly warm and sunny . . . because of you. Because you found time in your day to stop what you were doing and be a part of something that is very special to me. Along with your congratulations and accolades, many of you followed the new blog, liked was was provided, and offered your thoughts for me to savor. Some of you — I’ll have you know — I could actually hear your raucous cheers through the speakers. And a few of you gracious beings went so far to plug the book on your social networking sites. Gloria, Michael . . . thank you. You can find these lovely people at the links below.

One expects such support and kindness from family and friends, those you have walked beside during the storms and rainbows; but from those you have never met? No matter where this road leads, where it suddenly ends and I must turn in search of another, I will have been blessed because kindness touched my life.

And so I shall wend and wind,

taking full oath in that which is staunch and blind, never to

forget what harkens in the rise of the curtain, the fall of the blithe.

Sweet serenades of company and bliss, a marching fathomless fleet to awaken one’s


Happy Friday to you, friends.

~ Cara

24 thoughts on “In Good Company

  1. What a cool thing to do. You are too kind and although I may not have walked along the path with you in your day to day. I am certain we walk the professional path replete with pitfalls, trappings, and the infernal search for the energy to simply do what is so natural and for some mystery so incredibly difficult. I will continue to support good work and diligence and especially to someone like you who found me and pushed me before you ever even knew my name. Best to you and your passionate endeavor.
    All the best,

    • I appreciate that, Michael, thank you. You know I feel the same of you, and with great anticipation look forward to what is to come from TBA! I await its inauguration with hands clasped. 😉

  2. I don’t know Mike, but Gloria is a breath of fresh air and I always feel uplifted when I read her posts. You deserve all the goodness coming your way and you are such a sweetheart to notice these people in a public forum. God bless you and always remain the beautiful person you are.

    • Such neat people, the both of them, and better for knowing them.

      Thank you, Jenny. That is kind of you to say. The goodness, all of it, belongs to Him. That He allows to praise Him with my passions, I am honored.

      May He continue to let us write our hearts out. 😉

  3. Cara your writing is so beautiful and I always look forward to reading it! With this being said I’m popping on over to your novel and catching up on some much anticipated reading. Wishing you a fabulous week! Hugs 🙂

  4. I’m so late to the party, Cara.

    Here’s the deal. I deserve no special recognition for promoting and liking and tweeting your pages. Why?

    Because they’re consistently worthy of a large audience. I look quite brilliant when people heed my advice. Yes, you’re that good.

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