1/2 Dutch

Because my brain is so often huffing and puffing its way through an editing gauntlet, one of the things I look forward most to on my day off is . . . nothing. Well, no, not nothing; that would boring, and then I’d become restive, which is a fancy word for twitchy, which isn’t pretty–at all. The nothing I speak of is more of minimal something, requiring very little of me cognitively:


I adore pictures. Truly, it ranks up there with reading because, while literary content may not have been provided, without even trying my brain is already there, whisking up stories and moments and all sorts of winsome possibilities.

The microevolution of a house is a concept I could dream about all day long. I could, really. Chiefly, I would suppose, this has to do with the stark reality that we do not presently own a home. Were that the case, I supremely believe this would be a post whereabout I complained in great detail the rigors and toils of being a homeowner. That not being the case, I will pretend I know nothing of leaking pipes and dilapidated roofs, and a little nightmare contractors refer to as “asbestos.”

For now I collect pictures, pin them, and talk endlessly if you’ll allow me, of recessed lighting, natural lighting, exposed beams, hardwood finishes, wainscoting, tiled back-splashes, stone wood-burning hearths, structural layout, deep sinks, bay windows, and one other little beauty I can’t seem to stop ogling wherever I go:

The Dutch Door.

My, she is pretty, isn’t she? 

Do any of you watch The Property Brothers?

This show remains to be a compromise that really isn’t a compromise at all. The Husband and I equally enjoy, from stage one to the finale, the process in which the ardent hopes and dreams of homeowners donning a wish-list a mile high, seeking turn-key homes, are crushed by the reality of a corseted budget. Immediately, they are propositioned with the option of a renovation, something they have vehemently stressed they rather not do. Oh, but it happens anyway.

Jonathan (Contractor & Carpenter) and Drew (Real Estate Agent) Scott are dynamic twins based in Canada; they have made it their life ambition to restore those once-crushed hopes and dreams of potential homeowners by taking them into squalor and miasma, houses in the most dire need of a face-lift, and then refashioning them into the most lovely custom homes you have ever seen. Literally, I hold my breath as they couple walks hand-in-hand up their driveway, pauses on the front-porch, exchanging the “Are you ready?” look, and then . . .  bursts into the front door of their new home! And, softy that I am, occasionally (more often than not) I’ll well up at their joy, knowing I would likely be lips to the floor — hardwood of course — if it were me being presented with my fancy new digs. Someday . . .

The show, quite frankly, is fantastic. If you’re not watching it, and you love home-remodels, I suggest you give it a shot. HGTV is the channel it airs here in California.

So, with all that said: where is your favorite spot in the house located? And what about it makes it your favorite?

Eventually, one day, I hope to secure my spot beside a Dutch door. I picture either a balcony or a porch, a chaise of perhaps cream, with a minty chenille throw to snuggle up with. And Bella, yes, yes. Beside it, a small wicker table for me to set my coffee, ice-tea, or plate of fruit upon. There will be books, of course, mountains and mountains of delicious books just piled and ready to be consumed by this hungry reader.

Until that day comes, however, I dream . . .

Happy Thursday, Everyone. Back to the editing gauntlet I go!

35 thoughts on “1/2 Dutch

  1. Have I told you lately how much I adore you? 🙂 I am addicted to HGTV and am always getting ideas on remodeling rooms in my house. I wish I had the money to do some of the things I’ve seen. I share your fascination of Dutch doors. When I was young, I loved going to my aunt’s house. She had a Dutch door and she always left the top half open. Her Shetland pony Sawdust, would always pop his head over the bottom half of the door and neigh at you. I love the pics you pinned. It makes me want to scoop them all up and incorporate them into one big massive home. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, wonderful, Jenny! We can talk (gush) homes together.

      Your aunt’s house sounds terrific; and she had a pony? How whimsical! No wonder you wandered into fantasy . . .

      You are right, though. It’s nearly torturous watching all these beautiful renovations, without having the funds — or the house! — to implement them. Perhaps you can supplicate to the The Property Brothers?? They’re overdue for a visit to the states, I think.


      • OMgosh, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. You would hear me screaming with delight from Florida to Alaska! Actually, it might go down in history as the scream heard ’round the world. And let’s not even talk about the tears of joy. LOL.

  2. I’ve dreamed of many a room. It often changes though depending on what phase I may be in at the time. I’ve always dreamed of “my kitchen” it is the one room that always seems to come back to me but along with that I would most definitely require a cleaning person…i love to cook but I HATE the mess I make in the process, yes Ninali’s wake we often say here 😉 So I can’t count that one because who wants to clean up their mess even if it is in the fabulous kitchen 😉
    Mine would be a sun room. Yes… With fabulous natural light for all my plants and perfect picture taking. Comfy furniture to lounge in watching the property surrounding trees and their inhabitants of song-birds and critters. Easy open wall to wall windows for cool breezes on hot days. I don’t know if they exist but I would surely need some sort of nearly invisible screens to keep the bugs out though…bugs and I have agreed to disagree and I do not wish them invitations into my dream room. 😀

    • I’m in agreement with you, Ninali; I think of all the rooms in which I could choose as “the one” it would be the kitchen, a place comfy and inviting, a blend of warmth and timeless style. Ah, yes . . .

      Oh, the mess . . . yuck. Yes, again I agree with you; however, sometimes, especially if I am feeling full of pent-up energy, a good cleaning stint is just the ticket to calming down.

      A sun room . . . how lovely! I can picture us in that sun room of yours, among your plants and lovely bric-a-brac. I would think most anything exists these days, so long as you have the moolah to pay for it! Maybe one day you will have your sun room and I will have my kitchen. Let’s dream about it . . .


  3. LOVE dutch doors–want them–especially love the views of the dogs peering in–my Dia and Joe would both be there, begging to sample the contents of my pots and pans…sigh

  4. These are lovely Dutch doors – thank you for sharing them with us. May you have that dream home of your own some day. I would love to have a home with a library with lots of dark wood and long windows.!

  5. I am in prayerful agreement that you and Michael will own that perfect home with the beautiful dutch door in the not too distant future. Like so many other things, you and I share the love of natural hardwood and wainscoting. I have it throughout our home and each room we remodel, we remove the oh so 1960’s popcorn ceiling and get back to the original beadboard.

    My favorite two areas are; the kitchen because I love to cook and eat, and the bedroom because that’s where I am most relaxed. Unfortunately, those are the rooms that still need remodeling. So, like you I too love all those beautiful pictures and dream about my new kitchen and bedroom… someday. 🙂

    Be blessed Sugarpie!


    • What a lovely prayer for us, thank you. We’ll see what the Lord has in store. Whatever it may be, I am for it!

      Doesn’t surprise me one little bit, Lori! You and I, and our taste. Ooo, we have the popcorn on our ceiling as well, and I loathe it! I’ve thought about making a project out of it and scraping it off myself, and then I straighten up and realize what I would actually be getting myself into, taking on a project of that size. I think I’ll wait.

      Someday, yes, someday . . .

      Love to you,
      ~ C

  6. Cara- i share your sentiment for lovely pictures. It is so nice seeing something beautiful and then letting your mind run wild. I, myself, am just now discovering the dutch door (from your post), and it is quite fsbulous. I also love that the pictures suggest that you must also own a golden retriever or lab if you have one of these doors! Ha. Maybe when you finally have that door, Bella will also get a yellow, fury brother or sister! Hope you have a great weekend, lovely! -Amber

    • I am so glad I was able to introduce you to this little beauty. The Dutch door has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I have also recently seen rolling barn doors installed — I like the look of those, too; you might want to check it out, if you’re considering a reno.

      It’s funny you should mention that: I told M the other day that, like a mother might get itchy for another baby, I’m starting to get itchy for another dog-child. LOL. We’ll see — first we need the house!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful, wonderful time on vacation!

  7. Oh my sweet friend, I so wish for you a darling home with a beautiful Dutch door and all the lovelies that go with it! I know it will happen someday soon. You and I have similar taste. I could live in every photo!
    Hugs to you!

    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful . . . I would love it, really I would, but until then I am content to be where we are, thankful for each and every moment we are not stressed by a mortgage.

      Happy Friday to you, lovely.

      ~ C

  8. Cara! I made myself a virtual guest in each and every one of the beautiful pictures in your lovely post. I’m with you, I love dutch doors and the warm welcome they convey. In answer to your question, I’d have to say our master bedroom, mostly because our bed just begs you to flop down and relax….it can be very distracting!!

    Happy weekend!


    • Not a bad way to spend a few minutes of your afternoon, Elisa! I hope you enjoyed your stay, however brief it might have been, in each of the pictures! I think I will do the same.

      And a happy weekend to you as well!

      ~ C

  9. I LOVE Dutch Doors, I we had them in Sunday School actually. The kids got passed through the window. HAHA! But I love the modern version. So classy! I also think about home design and watch the Property Brothers right after I watch Property Virgins and think to myself, there is no way Trent and I will ever be able to afford a home because I do not have $400,000 for a home that is no bigger than my 790 sq ft apartment. DEPRESSING. Then I watch the Property Brothers and realize, I just need to buy a crap house and have them come do all the work for me. 🙂 Great Post!

    • Oh, yes; I remember those Sunday school doors well. They don’t exude the same charm, I’m afraid, but perhaps a love spawned from there. 😉

      It can be quite upsetting to see what your money gets you — or doesn’t — these days. But there is hope! These HGTV shows have really put the power back into the people’s hands. And you can that dream home too, Jenna.

      Happy Saturday to you!

  10. I made the mistake of showing the wife this post…and, now, Mrs. Mellow simply must have a Dutch Door! So predictable, and yet I never learn….Great post with amazing pictures!

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