Wordy Wednesday

If a heart were a mosaic I would take you out.

Risk my own undoing.

With less of you, there would be more of me.

More of He.

You paint me with a sticky sadness; leave a residue I wouldn’t chew, even

if you didn’t taste like ash and mortar—and a little like a bad memory vividly remembered.

Carefully, I would rend you, digging, lifting, ripping.

And if that didn’t work, I would plunge my nails into your center and . . .

leave you be.

You filthy thing; you always did belong with me.

Shall I contend with you then?

Yes, I speak to you, dearest.

A stately sort of grace you bear, with your proud top hat, and centur-ree of dignity.

Been there. Done that. What else have you got?

It is by-and-by, I decide, that you, Sir and Madam may have wizened your wisdom;

for you’ve gone blind. Lost

your sighted sight, in return offered a slight, in which you insult the very foundation on which you stand.

On stilts you wobble to and fro, looking for what’s new and bold—something shiny to throw.


Is it LOUD that you seek? Repulsed by the passive and meek? I dare say you’ve missed the whole.

And so a quarter will have to do. You

keep what’s near and dear, and I’ll continue to sink, because,

at some point rescue is imminent.

And then where will you be?

Charmed, I’m sure, no wait . . .

that’s me.

But a lady I am. I bid you adieu most cordially.


28 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

    • You know, I played around with a couple different titles, but nothing I loved came to mind. In the end I decided to leave it nameless, not wanting to flavor the words with a title I didn’t love.

      I imagine it does seem different, but this Cara is just as much a part of me as the others. I am happy and joyful, and I am snarky and sardonic — depends on the day. However, I learned my lesson a while ago, about where to draw the line in terms of over-sharing. This is just a peek at snarky Cara. 😉

  1. Cara- how powerful! I love self-expression through art. My favorite form is through painting, but you, my dear, have such a gift for words. I think we all have two sides… the masculine and the feminine… and I definitely hear the masculine energy and feminine passion behind this. Glad to meet your snarky side!

    • So glad you enjoyed this, Amber. Poetry is an easy lover; the words spin themselves for me. I need not think beyond a thought to have it, whereas with writing novels and any sort of fiction, the words merely appear as I reach for them. I hope that makes sense . . .

      I would love to see a painting of yours sometime; though I know how personal art is, and understand if you rather not. And yes, I agree about the masculine and feminine. I believe God is both, and so, being created in His image it would only seem natural that we are endowed with both as well.

      Sincerely Snarky,
      ~ Cara


  2. My dear, you have such an amazing gift of expression. I haven’t words enough to sufficiently convey how this poem makes me feel, so I’ll just say WOW, very empowering! I wish I could have read something like this when I was younger and dealing with a lot of dark stuff.

    You are a true vessel and I see great opportunities in store for you.

    Much Love!

    • Lori, thank you for always taking a moment to tell me how you feel. Your thoughts always ring with sincerity and heartfelt expression.

      I pray you are right, and await those opportunities with a heart of longing and expectation.

      Love to you,


  3. Cara, you’re a dragonfly! The other day I was looking out at my back porch and both a dragonfly and a butterfly were there. Dragonflies are very intense, have rapid movements, and are direct in their movements. Butterflies float along. Two floating flowers: two different ways of living.

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