Wordy Wednesday

Dancing Boots


If I looked up too quickly, I knew it would be over.

And so I closed my eyes, squeezed them till I saw stars — or maybe I really did.

Toes pointed inward, my feet moved in sloppy ovals,


Faster and faster to the music in my head.


On lavender’s pigment and nimbus’ laugh, I twirled, moving my arms up and down to see if I might fly.

Pink tulle tickled my thighs and bright blue boots slicked with rain carried me

upward and honest.

I liked honest; she smelled good.

Smiling until my cheeks throbbed for mercy, I spun.

I spun. I spun. I spin.

Try as you might, you could not stop me from spinning; for even the earth decided at that moment to go stagnant and still and stuffy,

I would remain in motion. My delicious ankles

like centrifuges, turning this body, lithe and nimble,

into sun’s gleam, into cat’s purr, into tree’s whisper.

And my boots so, so blue . . . can you see them? They almost tasted melancholy.


but not quite.

Because blue is just blue even if love does not requite.

Press on and laugh.

There was never a foe to defeat laughter. She is cynosure;

an intoxicating fragrance given freely, without barter.

I make her mine. All mine.

Her and those boots, they belong to me. And if you could be brave,

your boots will know.




21 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. ‘There was never a foe to defeat laughter. She is cynosure;

    an intoxicating fragrance given freely, without barter.’

    I loved that line, beautiful… Lovely.

  2. Cara, this is beautiful…

    I marvel (often) at the talent beneath the songs I sing mindlessly. When I read the lyrics, I often think “Duh, no wonder it resonates with me.”

    Picture me smiling…

    What a great way to start my day. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Gloria.

      Such nice words . . . I marvel at you! And yes, I agree: there are so many times I find myself humming or singing along to a song, not really quite aware of the actual words, but knowing something about them strikes a chord (pun intended) with me. 😉

      I AM picturing you smiling. And now I ask you to do the same!

  3. Cara,

    As I read this captivating piece of your heart, a vivid illustration played through my minds eye. If only I were more artistic, I would paint cartoonesque pictures of a little girl with auburn curls in a pink tutu and bright blue galoshes, (maybe with owl eye glasses) dancing joyously in the aftermath of a summer rain.

    Actually, I see it as part of an illustrated book of poetry for children and being used as a tool to encourage creative writing and self confidence.

    You are so incredibly gifted!

    • Lori,

      I LOVE imagery you added; and as I continued to think about it, I saw cartoons begin to appear, illustrations actually, and the the story accompanying the little girl with the blue boots, pink tutu, and auburn curls. I thought about her a lot while I was on vacation, wondering what her name might be and the story she had to tell. Maybe some day I might have an opportunity to write a children’s book. 😉

      Thanks for playing along with me.

      You are wonderful!

  4. Cara, beautiful! I continue to be blown away by your talent. My youngest journals daily, and excels at writing (well, i think she excels) Recently writing some poetry. I know she will love this post as much as I do. Hope life is fabulous friend!

    • Thank you so much, Karista! It is a blessing to share my heart’s thoughts with you. I hope your daughter enjoy it, too! How neat that she is already into writing poetry and figuring out what she is passionate about.

      Life is grand. I am a blessed, blessed woman.

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