Sunday Played Her Best

Tossing and turning isn’t so good unless you’re a pancake or a sunflower.

And even church is subject to a schedule. So with that

a change of plans was in order, because I wasn’t about to let time get away with another easy cantrip.

Foggy ears and ringing eyes, I would see twice as well, hear sounds amusing and unsung.

It took a moment or seventeen, but I first caught her tune on the whir of the washing machine.

Ah-rhum-rhum-rhum Ah-rhum-ahrum-ahrum Ah-rhum-rhum-rhum.

Vibrations danced on my bones, turning them a way I hadn’t thought of in a while but should have.

They remembered

the highlights, but had forgotten the whole story, whittled it down to something gauzy and fair, and just a little smug.

A break in the motion brought my heart up fast: LhulRooKlunk.

A tremor, a tremble, a trombone — that’s where I felt her next: in the mustache

of the man playing brass crowns, and Little Walter’s sensational cup. Play, Walter, play

and take me on a journey of blues and jazz, and all that punchy pizazz. I could never be as cool as you, but my toes don’t know that, so we won’t tell ’em.

I smiled at them; them like children who haven’t any idea their clothes are on inside out.

And backward.

The telephone rang: R-rwaaring-R-rwaaring-R-rawaaring.

. . . . . and I really was surprised to find her there. She sang for a little while

until she finally tired of being ignored. Then she talked to that Voice, but I stopped listening after that because she had already hung up.

I couldn’t blame her.

Swish, swish, swish–plink! He stood over that club, determined as beets

to make air soar and grass stick. Air was in some mood today and rerouted his plans; to Tibet, I think.

He smiled about it.

And of all the sounds I heard, all of Sunday’s finest playing in my ear,

it was your smile, sweet dear, majestic man, that I longed most to hear.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Played Her Best

  1. You are brilliant, Cara! I’m sure your husband is brimming over with Joy from your kind words. He is a lucky man 🙂

  2. I can’t even wrap my head around how amazingly talented you are, Cara. Wow! You play words like Clapton plays guitar. This is just so beautiful!

    • Oh, Jess, I am here . . . I am here and there, but not really anywhere these days. Each day I take for what it is, good or bad, and while I have intentions of sitting down to write a blogpost, I somehow seem to find other things to do with my time. Soon, though.

      I have, on another note, been enjoying your posts.
      Hope you are well, dear one.

    • My pleasure, Jonel. I haven’t had much energy to put into blogging as of late, but I still enjoy reading posts now and again. I’m doing all right . . . on the mend, I hope. Slept nearly 6 hours last night, so maybe a blogpost is in my near future!
      Hope you are doing well,

      ~ C

  3. Hi Cara,
    Great post! I enjoyed reading about all the sounds you heard that morning. It not only painted a beautiful picture in my head, but it made me feel as though I could hear the music with you. 😉

    • Elisa, you make me smile. 😉

      I am doing all right . . . this month has been very trying, just dealing with several health-issues and their ramifications, emotionally. Every day is a little different, but slowly I believe I am starting to feel better.

      I had planned to write a post today; however, my neck has other plans for me, and is literally screaming at me for an adjustment. So off to the chiropractor I go. Maybe when I get home I’ll have a fresh burst of energy.

      So glad YOU are back. I missed your lovely posts, too!

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