Hued Shoulders

If you’re not actively searching for them, great things very near to you are easy to miss.

Last night while driving through a neighboring city, I was fortunate to catch the beginnings of the full moon rising; that yellow fingernail pushing past the purple mountains. Even shy as she was at first, I was awed by the sight of her. I had hoped to witness her coming out party before I arrived at my destination, but I did not.

Tonight she will be mine to encounter.

I’ve talked about the moon many times . . . I cannot help it, it seems. Of all His art work, I would have to say the full, ripened, be-yellowed moon is likely to be my favorite. And though my heart does not warm for them as it does for her harvest majesty, rainbows — the fickle and mischievous beauties — are quite wondrous, too. I haven’t seen one in a while. This, because we have had very little rain in the past couple of months. Autumn continues to stroke the underside of our chins with succulent breezes and heady scents, only to blast us with a roasting sun and arid temperatures that rapaciously pull skin from the bone. On the chance that I do see a rainbow while driving, or even luckier, if I am walking outside, I will stop to admire her, descrying her colors and searching for that Irish eidolon filling his pot o’ gold. Rainbows are nice, they are, but recently I stopped to wonder what might lie beyond the rainbow. If I could, if I were able to levitate, ascend into the sky to where the prism princess spreads her arches and take a peek just over her, would I find something else? Something more? I think so.

Maybe you’re already thinking it? I dance my way toward a very special song. We’ll get there.

I don’t believe there is a single one of us who hasn’t at one point or another stopped to wonder what could await them over the rainbow. Perhaps not those exact thoughts, but God wired his children not to be purely logical, but also chimerical; to dream our big, big dreams, to wish upon stars, to crave fallen raindrops upon our faces, to search for the hidden treasure, and to bask in the sight of His Good things.

Real life, if I may be blunt and honest for a moment, can be . . . less than magical at times, yes? We do not exist in a perfect world, nor a paradise. I have never been more reminded of this fact, than just recently. Dark, bleak days without a sun, a rainbow, or a moon attempt to foist themselves upon us without warning or mercy. Real life delivers, and we are left to deal with an aftermath of such galling proportions and sordid authenticity our minds spin catawampus. That very first step into devastation is like putting your mouth to the tailpipe and inhaling. It only gets worse, though, if we don’t move.

My faith tells me Heaven awaits us the day we return home; and even better, the company of the One I love; but until then . . . I must content myself with knowing perfection exists, even if I cannot touch it just yet. Still, my heart years for that place somewhere over the rainbow . . . the other day I longed for a piece of holy paragon so badly that I could not rest until I sang of my desire.

My thoughts are, I cannot be the only one keening for a spectacular view. I cannot be the only one desperate for a seat on hued shoulders; to goggle at something grand, a thieving marvelousness built of splendor; a colorful dynasty imbuing the senses into compete saturation.

I sing. I love it. When I sing, it’s as if the doors around my heart fling back and my soul takes flight on the notes rising from my belly. On Sunday I recorded a raw, unedited version of Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It made me happy. I felt more than little lighter just after. So my hope is that, listening to the words, the same will happen for you. As you listen, maybe close your eyes, picturing in your mind what lie over your rainbow.

Be blessed, and Happy Tuesday, my friends.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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36 thoughts on “Hued Shoulders

  1. Soulful and such a sweet voice. Thanks for sharing this personal side of you. The moon on this side of the world tonight was one huge yellow ball. It was surreal. I often think…whats beyond…

    • Thank you, Cheri. If it’s not personal I don’t know if it’s ever worth sharing, you know?

      Oh, I bet she was glorious. I was able to catch her last night — not as low or as yellow as I would have liked, but still, she was disarming.

  2. Yes, Cara, it was a very poetic post! The moon here was lovely too. I had gone outside to give the cat a last snack and saw the moon. Romantic that I am, i made Husband come out to see it. I love the song too!

    • Poetic it was . . . I never know what “voice” shall emerge when I sit down. I guess I was in a very romantic sort of mood. We have this in common, Jonel. 😉

      I am so glad you did — bring your husband out to enjoy the beauty. Those are the moments you keep forever.

      Glad you enjoyed the song. I had a wonderful time recording it!

  3. I’ve already gushed about your beautiful instrument on FB (it truly is amazing!) 🙂 🙂 so I shall go on to the topic of what’s over the rainbow. What an interesting one it is. A few times, when I’ve allowed myself to be in pure and total surrender to His spirit, I think I’ve been transported to that place of no boundaries. Call it an out of body experience if you will. It was the sweetest, most beautiful and peaceful feeling I’ve ever known. I’m sure that is just a fraction of what actually awaits us when we shed this earthen body and all it’s tiresome shackles!

    One thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is this world is not my true home. I pray I use my time here to grow and learn the lessons that can only be learned in this physical body and that I fulfill the work I was sent here to do. Until my time here is over, my soul will continue yearn to return home to the arms of my King.

    I’ll see you there my sister; somewhere over the rainbow and beyond the moon, then we can both sing our praises to Him together!

    • Wow, Lori, you express yourself beautifully . . . this comment stopped me, giving me the warmest feeling. “my soul will continue to yearn home to the arms of my King.” Yes, yes, yes!!!


      “I’ll see you there my sister; somewhere over the rainbow and beyond the moon, then we can both sing our praises to Him together!” Amen and happy dance.

  4. I am amazed at how many of us stared at the very same moon, observed its beauty and the beauty of the Creator. All around the world, witnessing the godly order of Nature as it proclaims its praise and the glory of God. I forget far too often how vast Creation is when caught up in my own little postage stamp world. 🙂

    • You know, Paula, it amazes me, too . . . I am reminded in those moments that we are not so very far from one another at all. It’s as if the corners of the world come together, artfully pieced together like an elaborate spider’s web. I think that was His intention, anyway . . .

      Hope you are well.

      • Life continues to normalize after my husband traveled back to Alaska for his mom’s funeral. It was a very special time for him and all the brothers and sisters. And we are so happy to have him back home. Life is full of unexpected changes that God delivers at the right time to accomplish His purposes…and for that I am so very thankful.

  5. Your post reminded me that sometimes I feel like life is a dream, and when I wake up I will be somewhere over the rainbow. Maybe I’ll see you there.

    • Certainly life is made up of dreams; and too many nightmares . . . But yes, I do know what you mean. I’m sure I’ll see you on the other side, Elisa. Until then, though, I enjoy your company here, on the blogosphere. 😉

  6. I savored every word of your post, Cara. Beautiful!

    Like the Amish in my heritage, I consider my (and life’s) missteps to be slipped stitches. There is always at least one slipped stitch in an Amish quilt. If not accidental, then purposely placed there. They believe only God is perfect and to produce something perfect would be tantamount to playing God.

    I looked at the moon for the last two nights and thought, “I wonder who else in my world of friends is looking at this same moon?” Now, I know.

    Thank you.

    • And thank you for my “something new learned each day.” I had no idea the Amish upheld this tradition. I absolutely love the intention behind the endeavor. Sometimes it takes something tactile like that to remind you of what you already know. I often play God, to others and myself. Maybe I’ll slip a few intentional mistakes in today, not that I won’t make enough involuntary ones!

      I’ll meet you at the moon, Gloria.


  7. Oh my goodness, Cara, you have a stunningly beautiful voice! it was so interesting actually hearing your voice. I read your blog posts every week and I imagine what you may sound like, but it was awesome actually knowing… well at least knowing what you sound like when you sing- Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your voice and your always thought-provoking observations! Hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday nigh! – Amber

    • Amber, you made me smile, thank you. 😉 And yes, I know just what you mean; I often wonder what all you, my friends, sound like. Sometimes I think I can hear you, I know that sounds strange. I picture your voice to be feminine, but deep, maybe even a trifle husky.

      Thank you for lovely comments!

  8. Your writing always pulls me in – it is quite lyrical in itself. It is so hard to wait for that perfect place we know we will experience one day, especially when life sits on us like a heavy weight. But we have hope, right? 🙂 BTW, your voice is beautiful – not at all surprising from a sweet soul such as you. Hugs to you!

    • Rachel, you always say the nicest things . . . which is no surprise, as you have one of the kindest souls I have encountered on the internet.

      Oh, you are so right in calling it “a weight.” It really does just fix itself to our chests, shoulders, and back, and try to weigh us down; but you said it: we have HOPE. There is, in my opinion, nothing stronger.

      Hugs back to you!

  9. It is a beautiful song. I reflects the hopes and dreams we always have in our hearts. Some we may already have achieved, others on the way there one day at a time . Just like you, I want “to dream our big, big dreams, to wish upon stars, to crave fallen raindrops upon our faces, to search for the hidden treasure, and to bask in the sight of His Good things.” Have a great weekend.

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