So Long But Not Farewell

SO long, is right . . . my goodness, it feels like a century has passed since the last time I sat down to compose a post! I think I actually saw a spider crawl across my screen when I opened WordPress . . .


Well, first thing’s first: I hope this post finds you well! Over the last few months it has been a struggle to keep up with all that goes on in my neck of the woods. Many of you will know that I was battling to find an answer to my curious, worrisome health issues.

Very briefly I will sum up what the doctors have figured out. Are you ready? Here it is: nothing. You heard right, they have no clue! Although I saw a grand total of eleven specialists, had over fifty different exams/tests performed, I am just as much as a mystery to them as I was the very first day. Two of my physicians have collectively agreed upon Fibromyalgia as my condition. I am still very new to this term and continue to do my research; and while it does seem like it could explain many of my symptoms, it isn’t a perfect fit. But other than Cinderella’s shoe, since when is anything a perfect fit?

For all of you who have been kind enough to check in and ask how I am doing, the answer is good! I appreciate each and every thought and prayer you lifted up in my name. God is doing powerful things in my life, and while I am not 100%, I trust His plans, and even more, trust the Good that will come of this. And if I had to — if I had to pick the one thing that has changed the most as a result of what’s happened to me, I would say it is this: no fear. For someone who was once detrimentally worried and anxious about plenty of things — most of which really were not worth it — I have been released from the vice fear kept on me. It’s amazing. I can hardly explain it with words; but of course you know I’ll try.

It’s like . . . Have you ever worn something very heavy or extremely tight fitting for a long period of time? Maybe a motorcycle helmet, ski boots, or perhaps carted around luggage that suddenly doesn’t feel worth its weight but you can’t dump it anywhere? Well, imagine you could. Imagine you’ve been dragging this hundred pound beast behind you for years. YEARS. And then suddenly . . . you weren’t. Someone came along, grabbed hold of the handle, and freed you from your burden. There you are — still a little achy and quite a bit tired from time spent in bondage — but you’re free. You can breathe, deeply. You’re tingly. Light. Effervescent even. That’s what it feels like no longer being afraid of what may or may not happen to me. Between that, and feeling well enough to be out and about, I am enjoying my life, immensely, in a way I never had before.

It’s great.


Onto more exciting things!

Cara got a new do. Chopped it all off, I did. And I’d say it suits me just fine; better than fine, actually. I feel . . . refreshed and sassy. However, I am just waiting for the day someone calls out from behind me, “Um, excuse me, Sir?” I’m already working on potential responses. So far I have, “How can I help you?” in my deepest alto.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions.


My angel — Mr. Husband avante-grade, Michael Olsen — surprised me with tickets to Wicked. Here are a few pictures from the event.

~ The Outfit

~ The Couple

~ The Witch

In short, it was one of THE best plays we’ve ever seen. If you have any reservations about seeing this production, I invite you to read my extensive review posted here:

Also, I wanted to let those of you who were staying tuned about the Random Acts Of Kindness know that we have passed out about half the cards so far. We are taking our time, keeping our eyes open for opportunities to make someone’s day brighter. For the most part we’ve distributed them to clerks and servers, explaining to them why and what we are attempting to do by spreading kindness. Though on one occasion I included one of the gift-cards in someone’s birthday card. Let me tell you — they were stoked! They couldn’t wait to pass on the love.

However, my most favorite encountering took place two Sundays ago, at church, with a man named Don.

After the service had ended, I was standing with friends, chatting, when an elderly man walked right up to me and asked, “Where’s your horse?” He was staring at my boots — brown, leather, with little buckles at the top. Truly, they do look like equestrian riding boots. I replied to him, in an equally placid voice, “Oh, my horse? He’s around back. I didn’t want to startle anyone.”

He smiled at me, twinkling eyes in a shriveled red face, and then he was off at the speed of turtle. I can’t explain it, but I liked his man immediately. I inquired about him, and this is what I learned: His name is Don and he is homeless. He is an 83 year-old, with polio in his right arm, currently living at the Motel 6, after his son-in-law bought his house out from under him, thus forcing him onto the streets. And each Sunday, come Hell or High-water, Don walks four blocks to Christ Presbyterian Church.

Someone mentioned that he once showed up for the service on the verge of fainting; face cherry red, panting heavily. Not a little flabbergasted, I asked my friend, “Well, does anyone offer to pick him up?”

I found Don standing on the grass, sipping black coffee from a styrofoam cup. I said, “Hi, would like a ride home?”

(If Cyranno de Bergerac and Johnny Carson had a child, it’s name would have been Don.) Don looked me up and down and replied, “My, you’re pretty! If I could, I would give you a thousand stars and lay them at your feet. I’d buy you boxes of Sees’ Chocolates — none of that cheap crap!”

We talked briefly, sharing our love for thrift-stores. We are kindred spirits, him and I.

Eventually Don — Shakespeare I named him shortly thereafter — accepted the ride, asking to be taken to Polly’s Diner, where he would have lunch at 3 o’clock — no sooner! After we dropped him off, Don entertaining us the entire drive, it was time to say goodbye and go meet up with our friends. So we did.

But Don stayed on my mind all day and all night. I would be thinking about something, and BAM! Don’s face would burst into the scene. Thoughts of him nibbled at me for a long while; until I had my mind made up.

Don’s Care-package


A little Easter fun . . . 



And last, but certainly not least: *cue the trumpets*

Here’s a sneak-peek at my second book!

Oh, I just love the artwork. Michael did a terrific job, didn’t he? How blessed am I to be married to a Psychologist and freelance graphic artist?! Not bad, Cara, not bad at all.

I don’t yet have a date set for when this book will be released. I still need to edit before I am wiling to let anyone else take a look at it. And then there is writing the synopsis, editing the synopsis, sending out a gazillion queries, enduring the rejection, and so on and so forth. Luckily I will have the releasing on my debut novel to keep me busy!

To read the Back of the Book blurb, and hear other important announcements, please follow me over to my brand spanking new AUTHOR BLOG!

Author Website:

Also, if I haven’t already I would really like to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.



That’s all I got for now. Please say hello when you have a moment, and let me know what’s been going on with you!

19 thoughts on “So Long But Not Farewell

  1. Cara so happy to read you are well! I’m so excited about your work, can’t wait to read it! Wishing you lots of good health, happiness and success!! Hugs, Karista

  2. It makes me feel good to know that you feel good, Mollusk Girl! 🙂
    I love the story about Don. Keep tabs on him. He’s good for you.
    This was a happy, fun and forward-looking post. Thanks!

    • Good days and bad days, just like the rest of the planet. I have Hope, though, that the good will continue to get better!

      Don is special. Very special. I think of him every single day, lifting him up to the Lord, and praying is warm and fed and knowing he is loved.

      Thanks for checking in, Ms. G. 😉

  3. Well, it is wonderful to hear officially that you are doing so well! From your Facebook pictures and comments I was certain that you were on the road to recovery and happiness. You should be so proud of your writing success! I look forward to continuing to follow your progress.

    Your “Wicked” outfit was perfect! I read the book but have not seen a production. Lucky you and lucky hubby! May you continue to have good things come your way as you reach out to others to give – it always some back to you in some form.

    • Jonel, yes! Since last Summer my days have improved immensely. I still have very, very low days, confined to the bed, but those are the days I take courage and heart, knowing that a good day will come soon enough. 😉

      I appreciate your continual loyalty and fellowship. It’s good to know I have a friend way out there!

  4. Congratulations and I’m so glad you’re doing well! I’ve also been out of the blogosphere for a really long time, due to the endless disappointments and struggles with job-hunting. You’d think that I’d blog more when I’m unemployed, right? But apparently I blog a lot more when I’ve got a full-time job. Go figure.

    Anyway, good luck with the book and your health!

    • Thank you, Drew! I appreciate that.

      I am sorry, however, to hear you’ve been on the down and outs . . . Words that helped me through my own struggle with fear and discouragement — and that may sound cliche were someone speaking them without sincerity –: “nothing lasts forever.” This meant that the pain, the apathy, the depression would not last; it was for but a time and then I moved on. You will too. You are savvy and comical and have that “go get-em” attitude it takes to get back out there. I’ll be praying a wonderful job comes your way! Til then, try and enjoy this time, for it, too, will not last.

      Best to you!

  5. I was so moved and lifted by your visit! I am glad that there was a part of an answer for the medical issues! I too suffer from the same issue and a few more, and I am just now recovering from a long episode of MS, and my daily bouts with costochondritis. You look great and a nice picture of you and hubby! Your smile is infectious. I am with you always in spirit with my prayers and I am really overjoyed by your return! All of us seem to suffer in some way, but we are still on the right side of the ground! So continue smiling and prayers will be answered, because the way I always look at it is, it could be worse! God bless you and your family my sister and keep smiling!

    • Wendell!

      I am so glad you came by, my friend! Always good to hear from you!

      I am saddened, however, to hear of your ongoing health issues. I know the kind of discouragement that puts on one’s soul, day in and day out. Thank God we have a BIG God who comforts out woes and delivers us from hopelessness. I will be praying for you during my quiet times, asking that the Lord be merciful in healing and helping you through each day.

      You are so sweet to say that . . . thank you. It was a great evening we spent together!

  6. P.S. the new look suits you but like i tell my wife, I will love her always with whatever look she chooses for I always see the true beauty within and I am sure your hubby loves whatever look you choose also!

    • Thank you, Wendell! I really like it, too. But yes, it is as you say, I also am so blessed to be married to a man who loves me from the inside out. 😉

      The very best to you and your lovely wife!

      ~ Cara

  7. Hello my love!

    I’ve disabled my Facebook account, but I finally found a moment to catch up with your blog. It sounds like you are now on the yellow brick road to recovery. Thank you Lord! 🙂

    What a blessing finding Don was. I’ve often wondered if people we encounter are really angels in disguise, and we find ourselves challenged to choose to do something positive, or to turn our backs. I pray that when my judgement day comes, I’ve chosen to help more than not.

    I’ve copied you in on an Email with my latest status today. Sorry I’ve been MIA.

    Love you, and want you to know you are always in my prayers!


    • Sweet Lori!

      I have missssssed you! I figured you deactivated Fb, and although I miss your presence on there, I can potentially completely understand why you’re no longer on there. I have received your email and will respond as soon as I leave WP.

      Yes, thank YOU, Lord! I am having consecutive good days, where I am able to get out for hours at a time, share a meal with my husband, see my friends, do things! I am so grateful! Another praise, I am nearly off one of the main medications I have been on since January, and am having no averse reactions. 🙂

      Don is a blessing. And after you mentioned angels, I started to wonder a bit . . .

      I feel like I am the lucky one to have met him. I will update on here soon, but I am working on finding him a permanent living situation. Please pray that God will open doors as we do this, and that the enemy will not dishearten Don’s joyful spirit!

      Love you, and you’re in mine as well!

      ~ Cara

  8. My goodness, it’s been a little while since I checked in with you. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I must say YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I LOVE the haircut! Fabulous, sexy & fun! Work it girl! xx

    • Hi Melly!

      So glad you had some time on your hands to come by and say hello! Thank you, friend . . . I am having fun with the new “do.”

      I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It’s Summer/Fall over there in Australia, yes?

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