Fiction Freebie

Attention Book Worms & Bibliophiles!:

Perhaps you’ll relate?

I am a sucker for free stuff. I hear the word “free” and I start to shake and salivate. Truly, it matters little the value or purpose; just so long as it won’t cost me anything (generally) I’m interested: a fifth set of sheets, a watering can for my non-existent garden, bad music, a shade of lipstick I’ll never wear, candy from last Halloween — Parsimonious Cara will not allow a missed opportunity, even when Logical Cara is reminding me, “Really? Because you’ll never, ever, ever, EVER use that.” She’s right usually. But, “Oh so what,” I sing, spinning in pirouette, “it’s FREEEE!”

Yes, it’s a bit of a problem, being one — two, including Husband — who exists within 300 very tight square feet. And because our mattress rests at ground-level, I am deprived the lush obscurity and obliging space of stowing my “treasures” under the bed. The poor bloated dear, if my closet could talk, it would — in the parasitic voice of Lord Voldemort, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — pant “Help me, I can’t . . . take anymore.” Yeah . . . I’m sort of like that witch in Hansel and Gretel, dead-set on fattening up my prisoner.

But a free book, now we’re really talking! I think the lot of us can agree a free book is kinda awesome, and exempt from the hoarder’s plight; because even if its genre or subject is not your thing, you probably know of someone whose thing it is. And the only thing that gets me going more than free stuff, is re-gifting free stuff to someone who will without a doubt absolutely adore it.

The Details:

From today until August 15th, Awakening Foster Kelly is yours to win! To be eligible, all you must do is click on the link below then enter your name in the drawing. At the end of the giveaway 2 Winners will be selected at random (by Goodreads). I will then contact you for a mailing address and send you a copy — no additional shipping costs! — of my book. Easy as that!

(Note: that if you would like a signed copy, you will need to be responsible for the second shipping charge, approx. $5.)

Best of luck!

Happy Monday!

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