Caine’s Arcade

When I was a little girl, I loved to play office. My parents operated their own business, and as result there was always a surplus of paper, pens, clips, envelopes, folders — you name it, they had it — around the house. My father even had this stamp with his name and our home address on it. At eight years-old, I basically thought it was the coolest thing ever.

As for my office, I preferred to set up shop in my room; naturally, as that’s where I was in charge. There I would bring my clients in to discuss our handlings, and summon my employees for office-chats; for some reason I routinely found myself “forced” to penalize them for missing their deadlines. I’ll tell you now, it hurt me more than it hurt them. I considered myself to be a fair boss, but capable of laying down the law when necessary. I even had a badge. Okay, it was a name-tag, but it was pret-ty official looking.

When I wasn’t reprimanding my staff, I would organize everything into piles, or neatly in drawers. I would also make labels, and occasionally I found reason to tear things up; I did not have my own reason for doing so, but witnessed my father in this act many times, and I think I figured better safe than sorry. But what I remember most about playing office was the feeling of productivity, which in turn brought me joy, and still does to this day. Of course, in the end — or, I suppose I should say, the interim — I did not end up working in an office, but perhaps those skills aid me in my endeavor to write books. I like to think so, anyway. And I suspect it’s why, right now, all across the globe, there are tiny bakers and florists and homemakers and dentists and nurses all hard at work, doing what they love – maybe one day they’ll even get paid for it.

And there’s also this little guy, Caine, and his arcade. Ah, I am tempted to go into detail, expounding the awesomeness of what this young man has done. Instead, I’ll shut my mouth – er, my fingers. If you have not seen this video, I hope you’ll watch it now. In return you’ll find yourself smiling for a while, perhaps even the rest of the day, and who doesn’t need a nice, long smile. I did, and I’m still wearing it!

Happy Tuesday to you, my friends.

10 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade

  1. I never watch these kinds of stories. But, since you posted it, I watched. Wow. I’m happy that I did. You correctly predicted my response. Smiles all the way through. What a really great story. And what a great kid! He gives me hope for the future. Thanks, Cara!

    • I’m so glad you did! And wasn’t it just the best 9 minutes of your day, George? I think I may watch it again. Oh, and Michael told me that, since this video has posted, Caine has gone on to be the very first child to speak at Harvard’s School of Business. Now isn’t that something?! A college fund has also been started for him, which, to date, reaches over 250k! I’d day he’s got a very bright future ahead.

      ~ C

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