The Friday Feature: Comes Highly Recommended

Well . . . it happened; my brand new car reached 30,000 miles.

*Dun dun dun*

I suppose I should stop calling it brand new, huh? So long, “Ooo Shiny!”

To put things mildly, I was dreading it — the “suggested” 30 k service — and had put it off for weeks, imagining the very worst of possible automotive concerns. And for good reason, mind you! For when it comes to this degree of reparations, the Hubs and I have never exited the mechanic’s without tears in our eyes and an itemized┬ástatement totaling somewhere in high triple digits. And, I’ll be darned, it never fails; every stinkin’ time I take the car in for an oil change, the mechanic “inadvertently” finds a host of other problems, warning me in his superior “car-speak” the risk I take by not having them fixed. Today. Immediately. At his auto repair shop. And, here, take a card with you while you’re at it.

Sniff. Whimper. Roar!

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