Crafting Water

The beginning:

Early this last December (2011),  our church introduced my husband and me to an organization called Living Water International. If you have a little over two minutes, watching this video will explain their purpose and mission statement much better than I can. However, in short, the donations LWI receives are used to drill and repair wells in order to provide villages all over the world with clean, safe drinking water. To say I was appalled to learn that Americans spend roughly 450 billion dollars on Christmas presents every year, would be a massive understatement. Every YEAR!?! Seriously?!? The cost to make safe water available to everyone: 20 billion dollars. So, I thought to myself, somewhat stupefied . . . this means we are capable of ending a world crisis twenty-two and a half times? Yes. But . . . we haven’t? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Not yet, anyway, but I am hopeful that if more people knew how easily we can solve the world water crisis, then more people might be willing/and want to participate.

The logistics:

Trying to wrap my head around 20 billion dollars quickly gave me a migraine and left me scratching my chin in puzzlement. Luckily someone much smarter than me has broken down the astronomical figures. Ninety-eight cents. This is the price of a clean cup of water for someone who would otherwise resort to ingesting that which contains a number of diseases and bacteria. Ultimately, exposure to toxic water results in fatality, affecting everyone, but especially children and the elderly. More than anything else, lack of clean water kills more people than anything else. Wow. You mean, what I use to rinse my dishes and water my lawn would save someone’s life? Yes. It would.

The challenge:

As the idea (I will elaborate upon this shortly) came about during Christmas time, the challenge given to us was this: buy one less gift, and give that money to a greater cause worth investing in. Two thumbs up, we were in! Both my husband and I agreed that we, as well as the majority of our friends and family, already had much more than we truthfully needed. But while I was excited to think about how many cups of water our redirected Christmas fund would provide, at the same time I was consumed with the desire to find a way to support this organization consistently. Ding! (That is the sound the tiny bell made when it went off in my head.) I have always loved crafts, and while admittedly I’m no Martha Stewart, I can handle myself with a pair of scissors and a glue gun 🙂  Plus, as a writer, working with my hands rather than my mind for a few hours is much needed during the fairly often mode malfunctions that occur when trying to edit a 1200 page book.

The plan:

So . . . what if during my down time, I made a few things, sold them, and then donated the proceeds to Living Water International? Take a passion and turn it into a purpose? Essentially, the crafts would turn into water = Crafting Water!

The results:

And that is exactly what I have done, or am hoping to do — with your help! Many of the DIY crafts, which I will upload, will come with step-by-step tutorials. It is very possible to replicate any of the things you see; however, some of them are extremely tedious and time consuming. Oh, and if you are partial to the skin on your fingertips, then a wielding a glue gun might not be for you 🙂 Here is my request: if you would rather not make your own crafts, then I invite you to stop by my store, Crafting Water. There you will find a variety of things, mainly home-decor, that, humbly speaking, will nicely adorn any wall, door, or room. 🙂

The way it works:

With every item purchased, you will receive a voucher — depending on the amount of the item, it will be either 10, 20, or 30 dollars — which you can go online and pick a project of your choosing to donate to. You can even track the money and see exactly where and what it was used for. Pretty stinkin’ cool, if you ask me!

I’ve put the link here for your convenience: Please spread the word! I am a firm believer that word of mouth is more effective as a means for moving information one place to another, than anything else, including advertising. It’s a fact that people trust people they know, not companies they have zero relationship with.

From the bottom — and top and middle, too — of my heart, thank you for taking the time to read this! I look forward to partnering with you, saving a life one person at a time.

For His Glory,


~ To learn more about Living Water International, please visit

10 thoughts on “Crafting Water

  1. got you email and have been reading up on your passion in ministry….look forward to hearing more about it…

    sandy white

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    • It has certainly been a rewarding project; being able to take a love and turn into something that actually blesses people brings me limitless joy.

      Thanks for stopping by, Cindy.

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