The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden, written by: Kate Morton While perusing the book section of the Salvation Army — my favorite trove to unearth new-old treasures — I glimpsed the binding of this book. I’m something of a font connoisseur, though I … Continue reading

Setting Sail

I can hardly believe how quickly the time is drawing near. My toes are tingling just thinking about it. My book, available for purchase, with an actual, tangible date. . . . Gone is the mercurial “it should be available … Continue reading

So Long But Not Farewell

SO long, is right . . . my goodness, it feels like a century has passed since the last time I sat down to compose a post! I think I actually saw a spider crawl across my screen when I opened WordPress . . .

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Evil’s Lovely Faces

Heath Ledger as, The Joker

Imelda Staunton as, Professor Umbridge

Mike Myers as, Dr. Evil

Hayden Christensen as, the genesis of Darth Vader

Kathy Bates as, Nurse Annie Wilkes

Cruella de vil

Anthony Hopkins as, Hannibal Lecter

Are you sensing a theme? If not, I need to have you over for movie night.

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