She Comes Once More

For me a new year is not a time to become a new me, but to reflect on the me I strove to be all year prior, and do my part to pencil in hazy voids within the next 365 days. Then, if all goes well, at the end of the year I’ll look in the mirror and find the face I’ve always known: a dimpled chin angled away from the murk and shadows, guided by a pair of wide, green eyes catching a bit more of the Light.




Happy New Year Still You,

~ Cara

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

I am not big on re-blogging. There’s nothing wrong with it, of course; I just don’t do it very often, because usually if I am sharing something that’s inspired me, I have thoughts of my own to add. But in this case I don’t believe there’s anything of further value I might contribute.

Mommas and Daddys of tweens and teens, this post is mostly for you. But if you have babies, no babies, or your babies are long since grown, still, this is for you. Read it, then share it.

Lighting it up,
~ C