Terribly Long Overdue

Please forgive me Rose, Lori, and Jueseppi. I promise I have a valid excuse for not writing a post for this sooner. And that excuse is:


I heard it my mind and it’s just lame, but here it is despite the lameness. The reason for delaying is that I wanted to have the award pictures up on my sidebar before making it “official” and I needed my husband to do that. He forbids me to mess with the codes — no, not true; I forbid myself. Anyhow, he has been overextended lately and I haven’t wanted to bother him; hence the extremeee delay.

Right now I want to thank each of you, respectively.

Rose — Your comments to me, namely left on “Something is Mi  ing” blew me away. Bloggers wait all month to receive a thoughtful, provoking, insightful comment such as that. Everything you do, you do with passion. It’s all there in the way you express yourself without one bit of ambiguity.  Thank you so much for awarding me “The New Blogger Award.” http://taracrow.wordpress.com

Lori — Did a sweeter lady ever exist? Whenever one of Lori’s post comes through my inbox, I stop and go on over to take a look. I never worry about what I might find because Lori, like myself, pursues the Light. And she exudes it. She’s the type of person who comes up with silly nicknames and post things that matter dearly to her. Lori, I thank you for honoring me with “The Sunshine Award.” You are sunshine embodied. http://blessyourhippieheart.wordpress.com

Jueseppi —  What a character! He is intense, direct, and makes no pretenses about his ebullient ardor and advocacy for our countries’ current president. He is generous with praise, and while it can occasionally slip into more baser humor than I personally enjoy or espouse, he gives it freely without expectation. Since following my blog, I don’t think a post has gone by without him taking the time to “like”  it. Thank you, Jueseppi for bestowing “The Hug Award” upon me. http://theobamacrat.wordpress.com

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Mille O Tante Grazie!

Translation: Many thanks!

This last week was a humbling one, to say the very least. This Little Light was nominated for two awards by two terrific ladies, mentioned honorably by a talented author, and an incredibly gifted writer/photographer dedicated his Sunday post to me — splitting the honor between myself and one of the aforementioned teriffic ladies above. On top of all that — as if it weren’t enough — my following more than tripled!


*quickly recovers*

The first award received was the ABC Award (Awesome Blog Content) Really? Me? Well, shucks!

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