FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

I am not big on re-blogging. There’s nothing wrong with it, of course; I just don’t do it very often, because usually if I am sharing something that’s inspired me, I have thoughts of my own to add. But in this case I don’t believe there’s anything of further value I might contribute.

Mommas and Daddys of tweens and teens, this post is mostly for you. But if you have babies, no babies, or your babies are long since grown, still, this is for you. Read it, then share it.

Lighting it up,
~ C

Facebook, we need to break up, Honey

C’mon, admit it, sometimes you feel this way. A little bit? I can remember the day my husband told me about Facebook. He was still in school, working toward his undergraduate degree. One day I see him sitting at the … Continue reading

A Treasure of Incomparable Worth: Father

Shoulders and calves. Oily scalp and big teeth. Sense of humor and charisma. Eloquence and fetching smile. Temper. Sweet tooth. Optimism and open mind. Intelligence and sophistication. Impatience and obstinacy. Cynosural wit.

My father gave these things to me. Some I didn’t want. Many I will always be grateful for. All of them make me his daughter.


She will start out small. Small hands. Small feet. Small smiles in the thick of sleep. She will not stay that way, however. She will grow. And you must grow with her.

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