Tutorial Tuesday! Crusty Chicken — Mmm Boy!

Now doesn’t that just sound incredibly appetizing? The word “crusty” really invokes a sense of concupiscence, doesn’t it? No? Well, I’m sure you’ll change your mind soon enough.

Happy Tuesday!

Normally I like to start these posts off with a little intro, some bantering about what’s culminated from my week thus far, yaddy-yaddy. But there will be none of that piffle today. Today I’m diving right into the Tutorial, because well . . .  this is just too good to put off for any length of time. Later this week I write a separate post about:

“How I lost my mind trying to write a synopsis” 

followed by:

“How I arrived at Sunnyside Institution” 

For now, let’s put all insanity aside, shall we? I’m confident I’ll find it right where I left it when I’m finished; which is, grinning at me from the inside of a sink drain.

Ahem, moving on . . .

You are in for a HUGE-MONGOUS treat today! Michael and I literally exhumed a chicken. Well, maybe not exhumed, exactly, but we certainly extricated one.

You’ll have to forgive me, but it’s been a week or so since we did this, so I can’t quite recall how we arrived at the decision to make this meal.

I believe it went something like this:

Cara: “What are we going to make for dinner this week?”

Michael: “Hm — I don’t know. Oh, wait . . . The other day I read about something cool.”

Cara: “Yeah? What was it?”

Michael: “This chef made this sort-of cast for a chicken.”

Cara: *gasps* “Why on Earth would such a reprehensible atrocity occur?”

Okay . . . I didn’t say that part. What I really said: “A cast? What kind of cast?”

Michael: “It was to keep the chicken moist while it cooked. It’s just dough that hardens over the chicken. Wanna try it?”


And there you have it; a look into the minds of two utter geniuses. 🙂

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Tutorial Tuesday: Homemade Graham Crackers!

Happy Tuesday, Everybody!

I hope your Monday was kind to you. I’m currently languishing in bed, my rump squashed up against a pillow, wishing I hadn’t pushed it so hard at the gym yesterday. Listening to me rotate every so often, you’d think I was walking on hot coals. “Ooo. Ah. Oo-oo. Ahhhh.” What is it that leads a person to believe they have suddenly transformed into a superhero upon entering the gym? Adrenaline? Endorphins? Body-hugging spandex? In the moment, I was a stud. In hindsight, I was an idiot. Let’s just say I’ll be breaking for the bathroom on an “as imperatively needed” basis today.

Anywho . . .

I’ve found something decadently yummy to share with you today. I’m calling it a snackert: half snack, half dessert. You heard it here first, folks. Prepare for imminent takeover. Next time you’re watching Martha or Rachel whip up something fantastic, and they look over beaming into the camera and say, “Doesn’t this snackert look amazing, everyone?!” remember that it’s incipience was born at This Little Light. 🙂

This tutorial — originally debuted and found at smittenkitchen.com <— Amazing recipes! — is dedicated to my dear friend Kristin, who specially requested that I feature another food tutorial.

Homemade Graham Crackers - I. Must. Make. Now.

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Tutorial Tuesday! ?

February 14th, 2012

A strangeness abounds with the arrival of Valentine’s Day. In last week’s Tutorial Tuesday I included you as I jested my husband with subtle reminders of V-day’s rapid approach.  Now that it’s come, and people all across the world have long-since woken and come awake to celebrate in their respective ways — this depending on whether the holiday strikes a melodic or dissonant chord — I was pleased to rouse from slumber and find that nothing about this day differs from the one previous.

My husband’s clothes still lay in a pile on the floor in the bathroom, his toiletries strewn about on the counter. The Dear Prince wakes at 5:30 each day for work, and I consider it my blessing to follow the breadcrumbs he’s left for me upon his soporific trek through our bedroom.

I texted my girlfriends, wishing them a wonderful day and telling them that I love them. Something I do nearly every other day.

My sweet pup was no more or less excited to see me this morning, ascending onto her hind-legs the moment I released her from her cave — IE: the bathroom — as she was on Sunday.

My coffee was where it always is: beside the stove with the filter and grounds still suctioned to that thingy you pour the boiling water into. It is no special occasion to find my coffee made every single morning — only very special.

I still took fifteen minutes before beginning my day to read over the greatest love letter ever written, scripture, and thanked Him for another day to bless and be blessed.

What I’m saying is, that while Valentine’s day provides another opportunity to share your love and affection with those dearest to you, it should only be “another” opportunity. Gifts, candy, flowers — those things are nice; however, they are but sugar cubes, welcomed sweetness into a cup of acrid coffee or pungent tea, but left on its own, all too cloying and unsavory. I love me some sugar, but I love me some meat, more.

Thank you for listening. I thought about creating two separate posts for today, but if you’re anything like me, you enjoy and take pride in getting around to everyone’s posts to leave a thoughtful comment, and two in one day can feel a little overwhelming.

Onto the tutorial!

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Tutorial Tuesday! Hand-Dipped Pretzels

Happy Tuesday, cyber-land!

I hope this day finds you well and able. So, I don’t know about you, but Sunday gluttony rolled over into my salubrious Monday, which in turn resulted in Cara doing sluggish laps around the perimeter of gym, like a gold-fish in a bowl. Lacking endorphins and a mightily gleaned sweat-glow, I arrived home in such dour funk, that when my dear, innocent, dough-hearted husband greeted me at the door, attempting to cheer me upon earlier-than-normal arrival time with a smile and “Oh, good! We’ll have more time together tonight.” I brushed passed him, pivoted on my heel, and gave him this:


. . . aren’t I sweet?

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Tutorial Tuesday! Paper Bouquet

Happy Tuesday!

We’ve much material to cover, so let’s get craftin’, shall we?

I’ve had my eye on this tutorial for months! but wanted to wait until I had both the time and energy to put into it. You will need both, I assure you, but the payout is this gorgeous piece of art.

*Sorry about the ugly peek into our garage. Not part of the lovely, obviously!

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