Key Largo

There are books for every occasion; but the two kinds I value most are the ones that take me away and the ones that bring me back.

~ Eveleen Rose

Every morning, as I set sail for editing shores, I take a moment to anchor down and visit my own private island. Here is where I have my first sips of piping hot coffee, flick my fingers around the keyboard perfunctorily, checking e-mails and such. It is also where I take the opportunity to light a candle in my mind — something that will hopefully inspire me throughout the day. I do this by selecting both a quote and picture, and posting them on my author page. Facebook Author Page

This process, from start to finish, is cathartic for me. After about twenty minutes I am ready to post. Strangers and Friends trickle in, to like or leave a comment, to share the photo with their friends and strangers; though I would purport the majority of passerby are content to appreciate the words quietly, while paused on their island.

I do this every morning and I do this for me. But it brings me great joy to know that others enjoy it, too.

In reading the above quote, I imagine there exists hundreds of interpretations; which arouses a sort of comfortable balance, I think, a nice roundness. Because, as Eveleen suggests, there is a book for every occasion, and so there must also exist a mind for every thought — no two ever alike. This truth compels goosebumps from my skin, because it is in our differences where we find our sameness: we can relate with one another and simultaneously conflict; we can look at someone else’s point of view from behind and see exactly where they are coming from. These unmatched abilities — as so many unfortunately and erroneously assume — do not bar and separate us; they connect us. Yes, it is true there is a stellar and unique roadmap leading to each of our thoughts, passions, hurts, joys; however there is also a uniformity; a rich blend of varying idiosyncrasies which brings us all together, binds us.

But perhaps you disagree, and that would be okay. In fact, it would be wonderful.

That’s all. Those are my musings for the day. I hope you enjoy the quote and the picture. Happy Friday, everyone.

Until next time . . .

4 thoughts on “Key Largo

  1. Oh, my, we could get a whole long list of “two kinds of books” going here.
    I could start with those that are true and those that are not. And that’s not nearly as simple as fiction and non-fiction.

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